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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hypocritical Censorship

I'm always a tiny bit prophetic. It was proven again yesterday.

I was thinking to blog about a phenomenon:
When people use vulgar words, some like to keep the first (and maybe last few) alphabets and replace the rest with stars.
For example: S***! You f***ing son of a b****!

I used to behave that way too, until some days later I kinda think it is... hypocrisy.

No matter censored or not, don't you mean the same thing? Don't the reader(s) get the same meaning too? So why not just type the whole word out? As if the stars will tone down the harshness and rudeness... If you really think vulgar words are inappropriate, just don't use them lah. Easier for you. Why type the first alphabet then count how many stars should follow??? (that's what I did when I typed the example above)

Right after I got the idea of posting this, a good friend of mine did it!!! Developing telepathy after I kissed her or what?! (will blog about this in future post)

See? So I asked...

And her answer simply impressed me:

HAHAHA! Are you guys intending the same effect or what! This answer is so justifiable man! *LIKE* (true-hearted, no sarcasm)

S-s-so, will your mind read it as bib/tut instead of what it is when you see stars?

In my head the whole word still forms the way it spells! My mind is damn corrupt! Bwahaha!

These few days I am reading XiaXue's blog. Xiaxue is a Singaporean full-time blogger, her blog gets 40k hits each day O_O (I am so jealous I don't want to provide you the link to her blog. lol), and she is known for her sarcastic, blatant, rude style of writing--needless to tell (yet I'm still telling you), she swears like hell. Here is her response to a mother of 2 who asked her to 'keep it clean' when she swore in an online mahjong game:

True. Kids will be exposed to vulgar words anyway. So I was wondering...

Why do we need to censor spoken bad words on TV then?

Surprisingly it took me almost as long as half an hour to find myself an answer. Guess I just like bad words too much! LOL! And I'm not using much in my blog 'cuz I couldn't meet AdSense criteria (I had a post full of big-font FUCKs) when I applied to have their ad boxes. Later I removed Nuffnang and AdBrite ad boxes. Found them annoying since my blog is not popular now and can't probably earn me significant amount of money. Meaning I can swear as much as I can now HA-HA-HA.

Okay back to the topic. The answer I found is...
If spoken bad words are not censored, it gives a sense that saying them has got nothing wrong. Censorship at least still makes people resist using vulgar words, realizing that saying them is morally unacceptable!

So do I still think of censorship on written/typed bad words hypocritical?

Yes. At least censorship on TV somehow leave you clueless about the bad words used. However, by replacing them with ****, the readers can know the exact word you intend to use.

Sounds ridiculous? :/ B-but I care for this small difference! So yeah :D if you want to swear, type the whole word out lah! Why so shy! If really so shy don't swear better lah!

Or you can learn this trick! Inspired by another good friend of mine:
"TUT! You tutting tut why so tutting brainless? Tutting think your tutting tut is tutting holier is it? Never have I seen a TUT like you! TUT!!!"

Hahaha clever right!!! Ah Cling you should learn this lah! Haha!

Oh and don't tell me words don't matter when you use them against people. (I suka-suka call you a fucktard can? Can?) WORDS FUCKING MATTER OKAY. Show you real life example soon. Some rude people pissed me off on Facebook and I have printscreen-ed the whole conversation.

Please look forward to that post with full passion! RAWR!



ps: Comment box here was disabled due to's problem, so my friend left the comment on my Facebook. Now fixed :)

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