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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Hen's Day

Dear Hua Kia,

I know I used to hurt you way too much but I am not gonna say some cheesy 'sorry's here because I think it was wrong but not THAT wrong to use my privilege of being a daughter to the fullest... However, if reincarnation is real, I will repent my sins by exchanging roles with you in our next lives, and you can pay back all the tortures in the forms of cold wars or fights or run-away-from-home or any other modern ways that will be invented in the future. I promise I will pamper you yet educate you well and train you to be a smart, weird, unique hottie like I am today.

I will make sure I give you the presents you want after I graduate, so take a look first to satisfy your thirst la okay.

ps1: that typo was intended but I think you're smart enough to know by 母鸡节快乐 (Happy Hen's Day) I meant 母亲节快乐 (Happy Mother's Day)...

ps2: I can't resist the temptation of posting your so-very-hot-for-a-mama pictures so please don't kill me if by any means some kepo (busybody) show you this post.

ps3: Being obsessed with Lady Gaga is cool but with Justin Bieber is ewwww. Take my advice please...

Hua Kia with her oh-so-sexy legs~

Hua Kia ready to sing national anthem zzz.

the daughter you're VERY proud of

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