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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Civilize your parents, please?

I was writing a blog about religion and apparently I have to pause it, because this awesome antique does not allow me to do research fast, and I don't want to rush posting controversial topic without going into depth. By the word 'antique' I'm referring to my bulky old desktop at home. My laptop is at computer shop for the installation of licensed Windows 7, because I think pirated Windows can't make it to the States and I don't want all my files to be deleted. So yeah...

I chatted with someone few hours ago, about 'making it public who you're in a relationship with on Facebook'. It's a no-no for me, and the reason is simple.

Segamat people gossip. Not just normal gossiping, they GOSSIP LIKE HELL, badmouthing about people they know or dunno. You know what I mean if you come from Segamat, and I hope you're not one of the lifeless gossipers. Pff.

Okay it's pretty common actually, who does not gossip? (yes there are some exceptions but most of us are not that holy, admit it) I do gossip too. Badmouthing is another story. Want more precise categorization, read this.

You know what, I don't pretty much care what these motherfuckers of around my age crap about, they are just a whole bunch of nobodys in my life! Their crapping does not make my life worse, only motivates me to be more accomplished, be more influential, earn more money!!!

Guess what, the PARENTS are even more engaged in badmouthing. This is still okay. But when they go beyond limits at times (I'm guessing they don't even know what the limits are), badmouthing about you to your mother's face--

Now that has an impact on me. B'cuz you hurt a mother's feelings. I was too kind to keep quiet. But now I'm revealing this because I don't want these uneducated people to say things to my mum when their children show them my Facebook pictures hugging Caucasians/African Americans/Latino/Mexicans/whatever-race-you-can-think-of throughout my years in the States later and I'm so foreseeing this happens if I don't post about this today.

You just can't imagine how exaggerating these shallow-minded people can get.

Incident 1
This happened after I got my scholarship. There were some classmates of mine who did equally good in SPM but did not manage to get the scholarship. So the know-it-all parents spread rumors saying that I got it because I cheated about my family income, while those who did not get were too dumb to be honest about their family income.

Hello?! We have to submit information about the tax we paid okay? How was cheating possible? And by saying that you meant to imply that I was not qualified to get the scholarship, and I got that by immoral measure? Wtf?

Then came the best part--

One parent went to my mom and threw her this question:
"Eh how did your daughter cheat about family income huh? Teach me lah, next time my children also want to apply for scholarships leh!"

..... great.

Incident 2
My friend was telling her friend about her outing with me and my friend (a guy). A parent overheard.

So this parent went to my mom and threw her these questions:
"Eh your daughter dating ah? Who is that guy? Where is he from? Where he studied at? Since when are they dating?"

... GREAT.

Incident 3
Again, a parent went to my mom and threw her these questions:
"Eh your daughter very open liao hor? Exposing her body on Facebook hor! Wah you let her take picture like that ah? You so advanced liao ah?"

The picture she was referring to is this:

Okay aunty thanks for your concern. My mom is totally fine with that. But please mind your words, because the way you put it gave my mom an heart attack. My mom thought I went crazy due to stress and uploaded naked picture on Facebook. I kinda blame it on her kid too, but I somehow think her kid is innocent to show her my Facebook pictures 'cuz I bet her kid did not predict that she would come to my mom and say all those exaggerating words.

So please, if you're on my friend list and you come from Segamat, please do not ever show your mom (yes, all of the parents mentioned above are aunties) my awesome pictures especially those with bikini unless you're sure they won't do such sakai actions. Or else I have no choice but to remove you from my friend list. And no, I'm not afraid that your parent inform my mom about what I do on Facebook, basically I show her all pictures I post. In fact, the remove-from-friend-list idea is her suggestion. If you wanna share things with your parents, no problem, make sure you educate them first, thank you.



ps: Comment box here did not work due to's problem (now fixed), so my friends gave their feedback on FB... Appreciate your effort :)

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