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Thursday, May 26, 2011

10 Reasons Why We Use 'Lah'!!!

1. To reduce harshness of rejection
-don’t want lah~
-cannot lah~
-don’t know lah~

2. To mean 'I'm sorry'
-ok lah = ok then, sorry
-I will change lah = I’ll change, sorry
-I know I was wrong lah! = I was wrong, sorry

3. To reassure someone about a fact
-of course lah!
-Ya lah! Notty is a boy lah!
-Don’t worry lah, Datuk Lee Chong Wei will win 'wan' lah

4. To strengthen denial
-no lah, where got?
-(You're Rebecca Black's fan???) What!! Hello!! Please lah!! Siao ar you!!
-I said I never did that lah okay?

5. To convince someone to do something
-come lah, don't be shy lah
-Go lah! Go ‘chase’ her lah!

6. To emphasize items in a list
-In Malaysia, there is Malay lah, Chinese ah, Indian lah, orang asli lah, foreigners lah~
-We have nasi lemak lah, roti canai lah, char kuey teow lah~

7. To plead
-gimme more mark lah T_T
-I want big big pikachu lah...
-Please lah... I don't want shower lah...

8. To show impatience/irritation
-Diam lah = Shaddup lah
-Ok lah! Fine!
-come on lah, common sense you dunno meh?

9. To show disappointment/dissatisfaction (in questions)
-Why you never call me lah~
-Where are you lah?
-Why lah that vampire in Twilight sparkleeeeees

10. To strengthen curses
-Go die lah you!
-Fuck off lah!

I have removed the video because I can no longer bear how I looked so Ah Lian in it... *kill self*

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