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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lansi post

Note: Lansi is a Cantonese word, meaning arrogant, stuckup, boastful.

"Don't worry about how people think of you, because they don't."

Well what I can tell you is THEY DO. I've seen how people LOVE to make assumptions even when they do not even know or have only said hi-bye to that someone they gossip about. And it doesn't matter whether you're a somebody or nobody, some people just never can rest their mouths. Regardless of their intentions (they are all ridiculously sad to even be mentioned; I challenge you to tell me one that is not), I do agree that this is an in-born evilness in human we can hardly get rid of.


Anyway, I'm not writing to give a lecture on how bad gossiping/ spreading rumors/ stereotyping/ making assumptions is. Admit it, we all know the immorality in it so yeah, if you never plan to change your mind/behavior, I as well do not expect to convert you by a word or two. I favor laissez-faire policy. Like it or not, I'm usually concerned only when something can hurt me and people whom I love.

So, this post serves as a passage to tell you that I don't fucking give a damn to what you think/talk about me because you can't hurt me even a little bit, but please be very mindful that if what you said can exert harm on people I care, you better watch out. Don't ever try to experiment how it would turn out to get me outraged because I can guarantee you, your life is going to be worse than in hell. I guarantee you.

Doesn't matter if you call me a slut/whore in my face, heaven knows I've been a total bitch to people I find not worthy to show my good to. I walk around expressionless because I find it tiring to exercise my cheek muscles all the time. I don't get close to people easily because I'm not lack of friends I can open my heart to. Yet I can flirt with people I just get to know because flirting ease awkwardness and seriousness in conversations and it IS a common practice among the people I grew up with. I sometimes grind a little at dance floor since it's just a dance floor after all. Some ballroom dances are more arousing than plain grinding, it depends more on your perception doesn't it?

Yes I do love trying different things out, but I never get drunk, never smoke cigarette & shisha and never will make my vagina a public toilet. Going to so-called 'dirty places' does not necessary make you a dirty person, it's your principles and ethic that define you, not the environment. Standing in the garage doesn't make you a car; attending church doesn't make you any holier. I doubt Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Brahman etc. are going to redeem your sins if you think worshiping them minus off the wrongs you want to keep doing, for example, cursing non-believers by saying God will send all of them to hell.

Guess all gods have to build a united hell then?

Funny eh, how we demand people to not judge us when we too, look at people behind the frames of stereotypes rooted in our minds. I care only a little, if at all, whether people see things the way I do. The only thing I can't tolerate is belittling the rest to make one's own self more sound. This is worse than bragging and telling lies about yourself. And please don't use the word 'concern' to validate your nosiness. There are some basic respects a civilized person ought to know.

Call me arrogant, stubborn, cocky whatsoever. You don't even know how to pronounce my name correctly so why would I need your advice on what to do and what not to do?

I know what I am doing. Even if I don't, it's my choice and MY LIFE so mind your own business would you?

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  1. Maybe a bit harsh, but it obviously telling the truth.