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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little about Chinese New Year

If you're wondering how serious the flood was, here are some snapshots I got from Facebook:

Wah abang, saya suka pink sofa tu!


Anyway the flood has subsided finally! The cleaning task isn't easy for the victims but at least they can celebrate Chinese New Year now :)

To be honest, Chinese New Year to me isn't much special. Most of the traditional celebrations are related to Chinese religions, which have got nothing to do with us (as my family is a Christian family). Moreover, both my paternal grandparents have passed away, since then there is no family gathering for siblings' families from my father's side. My maternal grandpa has passed away too, and grandma is staying with us, so there is no need to 'huiniangjia' (refer below, the 2nd day). We're pretty realistic too we don't even buy decorations.

But mommy insists we should wear red. God knows I don't have red clothes, been anti-red for quite some years. (Hmm should I get a red gown for INTA-JPA prom?)

Pink does equally good na:

Wanna know a little more about CNY traditions? Thank me thank me I have summarized some wikipedia facts for you :D

Preceding days
Chinese families give their home a thorough cleaning. It is believed the cleaning sweeps away the bad luck of the preceding year and makes their homes ready for good luck. The biggest event of any Chinese New Year's Eve is the dinner every family will have. This meal is comparable to Christmas dinner in the West.

The 1st day
The welcoming of the deities of the heavens and earth, officially beginning at midnight. Brooms and dust pans are put away on the first day so that the newly arrived good luck cannot be swept away. Families visit the oldest and most senior members of their extended family, usually their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents.

The 2nd day
Married daughters visit their birth parents. The Chinese pray to their ancestors as well as to all the gods.

The 3rd day
"The day of the God of Blazing Wrath". It is generally accepted that it is not a good day to socialize or visit your relatives and friends.

The 5th day
The birthday of the Chinese god of wealth.

The 7th day
The common man's birthday, the day when everyone grows one year older.

The 8th day
Everybody should be back to work by the 8th day. All of government agencies and business will stop celebrating by the eighth day.

The 9th day
The birthday of the Jade Emperor. This day is especially important to Hokkiens. Come midnight of the eighth day of the new year, Hokkiens will offer thanks giving prayers to the Emperor of Heaven.

The 13th day
People will eat pure vegetarian food to clean out their stomach due to consuming too much food over the last two weeks.This day is dedicated to the General Guan Yu, also known as the Chinese God of War. Almost every organization and business in China will pray to Guan Yu on this day.

The 15th day
Chap Goh Mei. Tangyuan, a sweet glutinous rice ball brewed in a soup, is eaten this day. Candles are lit outside houses as a way to guide wayward spirits home. In Malaysia and Singapore, this day is celebrated by individuals seeking for a love partner, a different version of Valentine's Day. Normally, single women would write their contact number on mandarin oranges and throw it in a river or a lake while single men would collect them and eat the oranges. The taste is an indication of their possible love: sweet represents a good fate while sour represents a bad fate. This day often marks the end of the Chinese New Year festivities.

So... do you realize wealth really means a lot to Chinese? Those traditions are kinda all wealth-centered. Even the common greeting "Gong Xi Fa Cai", it means "congratulations on getting rich". Money money money. $$$$$ *roll eyes*

Oh and I finally figure out something CNY in my house!

7 down...

...2 more to go


why no curry to dip cookies in???


  1. I don't even know their names and I don't care. Haha ate too much till I had to induce bulimia on New Year's Eve!