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Monday, January 31, 2011

She is my... male flower?

And today I realized that Notty..... is a BOY 

How could I dunno Notty's gender??? Well... because male cats hide their penises unless when they want to ahem ahem. And it's hard to tell male and female kitten apart because the scrotum is not fully grown yet. A few hours ago I saw Notty's penis protruding when he's cleaning his genital area. Shock me to death.

Yeah, you may laugh out real loud there -__- Now lemme show you how alike male and female kittens' genital areas are!!!

Fine. It's my fault for not doing the following to check Notty's gender...

The same horrid thing protruding from Notty's private part T.T

I don't care la. Notty is still my little cute flower...

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