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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Stripe theme parade?

Pasar pagi?

Err, Indian pasar pagi?

Tourism campaign? Indian pasar pagi of Prime Minister's Address?

Let me give more obvious hints...

-to be continued in coming posts-

I'm back in my hometown Segamat for the whole Chinese New Year break, and here it's raining like crazy. Flood has conquered most of the places and blocked most of the roads. From Facebook status, I got to know that some of my hometown peeps are not able to come back because of the flood, and they might end up being stuck in campus for this Chinese New Year. I'm lucky that my parents fetched my back early and that my home is at higher land. We were safe from 2006 flood so I'm not worried at all. Just hope that the flood won't stay till the time I need to go back to college... I seriously don't want to get trapped here man!!! Although having Notty by my side is a bliss...

By the way, I'm currently listening to Utada's 'Come Back To Me' which was released two years ago. Very hard to sing. Know what, the lyrics sorta suits the situation now:

"The rain falls on my window and the coldness runs through my soul, and the rain falls, oh the rain falls, I don't want to be alone~"

Gahhh. Another FB status has just reminded me this is my last Chinese New Year in Malaysia before I get my degree of Bachelor. Bloody rain please go away laaaa T.T

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  1. It rained the whole day in KL and it's always been raining. :) Take care. :D