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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Collection of my status 2009-2010


Aug 10-I don't mind letting the pain of others penetrate me, as long as I can soothe them...

Aug 12-No any page of Introduction to American Government, with or without the consent of our conscious, shall act as a lullaby...

Aug 15- Sacrifices are inevitable in choice-making routine.

Aug 24- POI open to all delegates who suffer post-KLIMUN symptoms. Yes, you have been recognized, please take the floor.

Aug 27- Knowing to whom I and my life belong soothes me.

Sept 15- I never knew how charming and breath-taking beauty could be, until you come along. But after all, it's just another skin-deep affection.

Oct 21- "I don't have to love you. I want to." --Melinda Gordon

Oct 22- People who deserve your friendship and love are those who have never hurt you voluntarily--and never will.

Oct 26- Not that I want to isolate myself. Not that I'm in foul mood. I just need to spend some time alone alone and listen to my heartbeat. This makes me feel more... real.

Nov 06- If I were to die in my dream, my last hope is to dream of you.

Nov 12- Think twice before you say/do something bad to me. If you're in my blacklist, you're in forever.

Nov 25- I'm up for auction. Do you want me?

Dec 06- Note to self: When people call you a bitch, show 'em one.


Jan 03- People say love is pain. I don't mind bearing pain, as long as I can love you... Look after my heart, I've left it with you.

Feb 02- *happy* saw someone walked the whole way to class with a red flower blooming on his beg... hehehehe

Feb 14- Not to recall WHAT made me different; I just need to know HOW I am different ;)

Feb 28- If you need to ask yourself whether you love someone or not, the answer is NO. When you love someone you just know it. And you'll be very sure.

April 03- Jealousy is nothing more than the fear of abandonment.

April 08- Avoiding complicity. So far so good.

April 19- I'm at the edge of eating flowers.

April 20- Mati kongkakiao.

May 23- Rabbit turned into a black pig and ran away from me!!! Scary nightmare!

May 29- Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.

June 24- When you have no point of living, live to find a point.

July 11- So Paul is gonna have all female octopuses in Spain ;)

July 27- I'm very entertained by bitch(es) :D ever wonder why I don't have to pester people or do things in dark? Because I'm simply at a standard hinger than you! *flick hair*

Aug 05- Flowers want to chop me :(

Aug 06- I want to chop flowers... flowers, come...

Aug 12- Student:"Why do Muslim men have to undergo CASTRATION?" ROFLMAO

Aug 18- The best asset in a woman that a men looks for is independece.

Aug 20- Remove those 'I want you to like me' stickers from your forehead and, instead, place them where they truly will do the most good--on your mirror!

Aug 22- Mommy told me my brother is having fever. I grabbed my phone and texted him. His reply: !!!!!
Hehehehe what did I send? "Cool down Donut, overheating doesn't make you delicious :P"

Aug 27- Find the will. Please.

Sept 26- What makes me love you? *thinking hard*

Oct 10- A gang of heartless people in MPO concert, leaving me alone in this abandoned jungle, my pizza is talking a long time to reach Block Aristotle, I'm afraid my stomach will crumble...

Oct 25- I saw a very small kitten running on my way to 8am class~~ *happy* (note: this kitten is Notty)

Oct 26- If I had a gun with 2 bullets and were locked up in the same room with Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Justin Bieber, I'd shoot Justin Bieber... twice. --Diana Damien

Nov 04- So Mr Stress fucks my anus real hard

Nov 12- ... and Notty enjoys playing with the air

Nov 12- New development: she loves to bite my hair, touch my eyelashes and poke my stomach.

Nov 14- ... and she loves farting in my face

Nov 15- SinNee Ng: "What if she grows bigger and bigger and you find out she is actually a tigress?!!" -_-

Nov 17- Please don't meowwwwwww every time I eat the room la T.T see, I also don't share your cat biscuits ma... fair enough okie dokie

Nov 26- Whiskers are so not feminine :( me tempted to cut cut tapi takut Notty makin berjalan senget :/

Dec 12: Why did my supposed-to-be-emo status always turn funny. *emo*

Dec 13- Is Notty a mutant? She loves ice-cream and apple pie o_O

Dec 19-
Me: How was your SAT score?
Kevin: I don't like to tell straight.
Me: Give me an equation then.
Kevin: i^4*(R)(pi)(g)*10 - 430
Me: Okay I don't give a damn now.

Dec 26-
God gives answers in 3 ways:
He says 'yes' and give you what you want;
He says 'no' and give you something better;
He says 'wait' and give you the best.

Dec 31- Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

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