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Monday, January 31, 2011

She is my... male flower?

And today I realized that Notty..... is a BOY 

How could I dunno Notty's gender??? Well... because male cats hide their penises unless when they want to ahem ahem. And it's hard to tell male and female kitten apart because the scrotum is not fully grown yet. A few hours ago I saw Notty's penis protruding when he's cleaning his genital area. Shock me to death.

Yeah, you may laugh out real loud there -__- Now lemme show you how alike male and female kittens' genital areas are!!!

Fine. It's my fault for not doing the following to check Notty's gender...

The same horrid thing protruding from Notty's private part T.T

I don't care la. Notty is still my little cute flower...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Stripe theme parade?

Pasar pagi?

Err, Indian pasar pagi?

Tourism campaign? Indian pasar pagi of Prime Minister's Address?

Let me give more obvious hints...

-to be continued in coming posts-

I'm back in my hometown Segamat for the whole Chinese New Year break, and here it's raining like crazy. Flood has conquered most of the places and blocked most of the roads. From Facebook status, I got to know that some of my hometown peeps are not able to come back because of the flood, and they might end up being stuck in campus for this Chinese New Year. I'm lucky that my parents fetched my back early and that my home is at higher land. We were safe from 2006 flood so I'm not worried at all. Just hope that the flood won't stay till the time I need to go back to college... I seriously don't want to get trapped here man!!! Although having Notty by my side is a bliss...

By the way, I'm currently listening to Utada's 'Come Back To Me' which was released two years ago. Very hard to sing. Know what, the lyrics sorta suits the situation now:

"The rain falls on my window and the coldness runs through my soul, and the rain falls, oh the rain falls, I don't want to be alone~"

Gahhh. Another FB status has just reminded me this is my last Chinese New Year in Malaysia before I get my degree of Bachelor. Bloody rain please go away laaaa T.T

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your absence

When life gives you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it is not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end. --Isabella Swan

Life is going pretty well, which is the reason why I didn't turn to blogging to kill boredom/time/moodiness for almost a month already. And yea since I was back to campus on January 9, I have been maintaining sleep-early-wake-up-early lifestyle, which is, I believe, extremely rare among people of my age. Amazing eh, till now I have not been late to any of my 8am class yet! Wake up early to paint my eye lid is quite motivating, although sometimes I hate my make-up so much, feeling like a total bitch :/ haha.

Life is going pretty well, I guess.
Except the fact that you're now absent in my environment.

Something in my unconsciousness is not going well. Nightmares and night terrors conquer me almost every night, and since I did not go through severe trauma, I totally have no idea what the bloody hell has gone wrong with me.

Hmm. What I type diverged so far from the very initial thoughts that urged me to post.

Doesn't matter anyway. I'm happy today :)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Collection of my status 2009-2010


Aug 10-I don't mind letting the pain of others penetrate me, as long as I can soothe them...

Aug 12-No any page of Introduction to American Government, with or without the consent of our conscious, shall act as a lullaby...

Aug 15- Sacrifices are inevitable in choice-making routine.

Aug 24- POI open to all delegates who suffer post-KLIMUN symptoms. Yes, you have been recognized, please take the floor.

Aug 27- Knowing to whom I and my life belong soothes me.

Sept 15- I never knew how charming and breath-taking beauty could be, until you come along. But after all, it's just another skin-deep affection.

Oct 21- "I don't have to love you. I want to." --Melinda Gordon

Oct 22- People who deserve your friendship and love are those who have never hurt you voluntarily--and never will.

Oct 26- Not that I want to isolate myself. Not that I'm in foul mood. I just need to spend some time alone alone and listen to my heartbeat. This makes me feel more... real.

Nov 06- If I were to die in my dream, my last hope is to dream of you.

Nov 12- Think twice before you say/do something bad to me. If you're in my blacklist, you're in forever.

Nov 25- I'm up for auction. Do you want me?

Dec 06- Note to self: When people call you a bitch, show 'em one.


Jan 03- People say love is pain. I don't mind bearing pain, as long as I can love you... Look after my heart, I've left it with you.

Feb 02- *happy* saw someone walked the whole way to class with a red flower blooming on his beg... hehehehe

Feb 14- Not to recall WHAT made me different; I just need to know HOW I am different ;)

Feb 28- If you need to ask yourself whether you love someone or not, the answer is NO. When you love someone you just know it. And you'll be very sure.

April 03- Jealousy is nothing more than the fear of abandonment.

April 08- Avoiding complicity. So far so good.

April 19- I'm at the edge of eating flowers.

April 20- Mati kongkakiao.

May 23- Rabbit turned into a black pig and ran away from me!!! Scary nightmare!

May 29- Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.

June 24- When you have no point of living, live to find a point.

July 11- So Paul is gonna have all female octopuses in Spain ;)

July 27- I'm very entertained by bitch(es) :D ever wonder why I don't have to pester people or do things in dark? Because I'm simply at a standard hinger than you! *flick hair*

Aug 05- Flowers want to chop me :(

Aug 06- I want to chop flowers... flowers, come...

Aug 12- Student:"Why do Muslim men have to undergo CASTRATION?" ROFLMAO

Aug 18- The best asset in a woman that a men looks for is independece.

Aug 20- Remove those 'I want you to like me' stickers from your forehead and, instead, place them where they truly will do the most good--on your mirror!

Aug 22- Mommy told me my brother is having fever. I grabbed my phone and texted him. His reply: !!!!!
Hehehehe what did I send? "Cool down Donut, overheating doesn't make you delicious :P"

Aug 27- Find the will. Please.

Sept 26- What makes me love you? *thinking hard*

Oct 10- A gang of heartless people in MPO concert, leaving me alone in this abandoned jungle, my pizza is talking a long time to reach Block Aristotle, I'm afraid my stomach will crumble...

Oct 25- I saw a very small kitten running on my way to 8am class~~ *happy* (note: this kitten is Notty)

Oct 26- If I had a gun with 2 bullets and were locked up in the same room with Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Justin Bieber, I'd shoot Justin Bieber... twice. --Diana Damien

Nov 04- So Mr Stress fucks my anus real hard

Nov 12- ... and Notty enjoys playing with the air

Nov 12- New development: she loves to bite my hair, touch my eyelashes and poke my stomach.

Nov 14- ... and she loves farting in my face

Nov 15- SinNee Ng: "What if she grows bigger and bigger and you find out she is actually a tigress?!!" -_-

Nov 17- Please don't meowwwwwww every time I eat the room la T.T see, I also don't share your cat biscuits ma... fair enough okie dokie

Nov 26- Whiskers are so not feminine :( me tempted to cut cut tapi takut Notty makin berjalan senget :/

Dec 12: Why did my supposed-to-be-emo status always turn funny. *emo*

Dec 13- Is Notty a mutant? She loves ice-cream and apple pie o_O

Dec 19-
Me: How was your SAT score?
Kevin: I don't like to tell straight.
Me: Give me an equation then.
Kevin: i^4*(R)(pi)(g)*10 - 430
Me: Okay I don't give a damn now.

Dec 26-
God gives answers in 3 ways:
He says 'yes' and give you what you want;
He says 'no' and give you something better;
He says 'wait' and give you the best.

Dec 31- Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.