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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twinkle Christmas

I'm usually ignorant/indifferent about festivals. I just don't get excited for most celebrations... you know, growing up in a multicultural country like Malaysia, we have a whole bunch of big and small festivals every year, it's hard for me to not get numb. Although there are many Chinese festivals throughout the year, almost all have something to do with Chinese religions, which also means it has nothing to do with me since I come from a Christian family.

So Christmas is one huge exception which I look forward to. Two years ago was my best Christmas celebration. It was my first and only time caroling, and I was with other Christian youths from the church I belong to (i.e. the church I had my baptism at). The atmosphere was insanely joyful, the mood got higher and higher as we caroled from house to house. When the clock ticked 12, we screamed, yelled, shouted "Merry Christmas" to vehicles on road that passed by the van we're in. From their faces I could tell they probably were wondering whether we are drunk or on drug hahaha.

Told my mom that I couldn't find my Santa hat.

Mom: Why would you need Santa hat??

Me: Want to camwhore *act shy*
About one hour later...

Mom: Nah, I found your Santa hat.

Me:   :DDDD

I've got no red clothes in my wardrobe, a blue satin evening dress could do equally good :)

"Let the rock spirit rules!"

The following five are sorta like my personal brand of Christmas greeting cards...

Never knew tagging people could be tiring! Meant to tag only a few but ended up tagging more and more people until I died off, missed out a lot of people :( Anyway like the album caption says, Merry Christmas to y'all! :D

TA-DAA! My last-year Christmas present, Rabbit McFluffy!

Attention to our smiles. Like sexy mama, like son :P


No gifts? *pout*

Epic conversation on 2010 Christmas, Part 1

Me: Don't you wanna sing me a Christmas song?
CK: Erm...... Twinkle twinkle little star~
Me: That's not a Christmas song!
CK: Erm...... Twinkleee~ twinkleeee~ littleee~ starrrrr~~~ (Bollywood style)
Me: HEHEHEHEHE you're crazy

Epic conversation on 2010 Christmas, Part 2
Me: (sing O Come O Ye Faithful)
CK: Nice!^^ Translation please?
Me: Translation of what???
CK: Of the song you just sang?
Me: (!!!) That's in ENGLISH!!!
CK: REALLY?! I don't understand a word!
Me: ...

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