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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Scream etc.

I develop a craze about drawings after my previous post, so I went online to check out my favorite famous painting called The Scream:

By Edvard Munch, an already dead Norwegian artist. The Scream is his best composition, a part of a series The Frieze of Life, in which he explored the themes of love, life, death, melancholia and anxiety.

And I also came across some pictures out of my expectation when I searched for The Scream:

Okay I admit this is talented, compared to the usual smiley we love to draw on our plates.

But what about this?!
(Is this thing from Simpsons??)

And THIS?!

Perhaps it has even become the icon of our pop culture...
Wah MP3 so this thing is from 21st century. But what about the two things at the back? Magicians?

I was surprised when I saw this on the result page of 'Edvard Munch'. I mean, this guy is handsome!
Then I found out this guy is 'Edvard Munch' casted by Geir Westby in a biographical film.

Edvard Munch looked like this in 1921:

Neither the real Edvard nor the actor look like that thing in The Scream. Both of them has lost to this female celebrity:
LILY ALLEN! What a face she was trying to make!

Also, I have a book which is a compilation of some meaningful drawings. I bought it at really cheap price.

hard cover

color pages

I bet nobody will have the right guess of its price. It cost me only RM8. Gosh I love Popular!!! *heart*

Let's see some of my favorite drawings from this book:

The last drawing occupies the largest portion of my impression of this book. Can't help it HAHAHA

May you appreciate art ;)


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