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Thursday, December 23, 2010

PsychoZenne should have long hair

Why? Because short hair + psycho did not work on me!

Ew mannnn. How come I did not realize how so very awkward I looked!!! No wonder I never got into the list of 'Seg Hwa eye candies'. *sigh* Here is the album 'When I kept short hair'. Wtf wtf.

To qualify yourself as an eye candy you need to look good even when you act psycho. Or at least, look like a real psycho. Long hair helps me to achieve both. lol.

Theme: PsychoZenne. Not GAGAzenne plsssss. I adore myself the most XD
Date: Dec 23rd, 2010. One more day to Christmas' Eve!
Time: Around 3 a.m.
Venue: My room. Not hostel room, my home room I mean.
Photographer: My laptop

(Actually I wanted to do a 'Christmas shooting' initially, but I couldn't find my Santa hat...)

Where? Where did I put my Santa hat???...



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