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Friday, December 17, 2010

Drawings, pun detected

I have been struggling for few days about what words to type and how to put the words together for update. Staring at the wall of my room, or more specifically, at the five drawings pasted on my wall, I sighed out loud that sometimes a drawing explains better than a thousand words.

*sigh again*

So I decided to copy my own drawings using the program Paint. Inspired by Rudy's 40 days mission. Yeah say my life's a bore or whatever. 'The time you enjoy wasting, is not a waste of time.' By John Lennon, saw it from Dheva's status! Heeeee

And then I think to myself, eh now you have something to post right? My drawings are so philosophical, sharing is caring so why not! Hahaha!


Eh scroll back up to take a guess of what I was trying to express okay. Not so soon to my explanations! Scroll up scroll up!

Okay you're lazy to scroll up. Fine.

1. Boundary-Perhaps the safest is to sit on the edge?
2. Success-After you reach the top, what's next?
3. Uncertainties-The wheel will not stop moving. Just sit still.
4. Dilemma-To follow your rationality or your heart?
5. Tunnel-Whichever path you choose is the same. Alone, you dunno how long the tunnel is, but you see light at the end of it. So don't be shaken, or else you might take a long time to get back up on the whipping top and make it moves forward. (here I assume a zero friction :P)

Just when I was trying to define each, I realize something interesting. No pun intended when I drew these, but now pun is detected. OMG I'm so talented. And corrupted.

So how to name this set of drawings? You decide :D


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