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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Notty McFluffy

*shake shake*

Heeee ♥

1 month ago...
I was on my way to an 8am class. On blue Monday. And the lecturer is an egg tart. So you can imagine how my mood was.
Suddenly a small yellow fluffy thing toin toin toin ran past me!!! OMG so cute can die~
It brightened up my mood for the whole day. Then I was missing this little creature for the following few days.

A week later, it appeared under my block and gained popularity very quick among the residents of Block Aristotle! It was a big surprise to see her after my World Religion presentation :D

She loves the key chain on my bag. So I took it off for her~

As I was tooooo reluctant to leave her there, I decided to throw her into my bag!!! Heh heh. So she ended up imprisoned in my room :D

She screamed so damn loud when I bathed her :( and she scratched me so hard :'(
On the 3rd day she becomes my roommate, I decided to cut her nails. So she couldn't scratched me anymore! :D but that's not the end of it. She still bites me so hard and I got wounds all over my hands T__T striped like her...

So yeah, 10 things Notty loves to do:
1. Bites Crxn (hands, feet, chin, nose...)
2. Farts (esp when Crxn is near)
3. Runs around very fast as if ghost is chasing after her
4. Pulls Crxn's hair (and bite bite. Crxn's hair drops increase!)
5. Jumps onto Crxn's tummy and poke poke (esp when Crxn is sleeping)
6. Licks Crxn's lips (every time Crxn comes back from meal)
7. Jumps onto the table and stares at Crxn (when Crxn is facing the laptop, ignoring her)
8. Walks across Crxn's keyboard (when Crxn types)
9. Meows very loud when she is hungry (or when Crxn is eating/drinking Milo in the room)
10. Sleeps in all kinds of postures, as shown below

Abang Rabbit... Notty wants to sleep...

*dozing off*

So fluffy right? Notty was an orange fur ball~

.....and she sleeps deadly

Wah, amoi ini tau yoga eh?!

(A day before my final paper....)
She watched me study till she dozed off. Guardian kitten~

Why do you look so innocent? Ahhhh *squeeze*


Where is your right ear??

"Don't shoot me!"

Now this sleepy head is in her dreamland. I shall go to bed too, bye bye with a goodnight kiss from Notty~

Been loving cats for years, I finally found my soul cat. My life is complete now :D
And I love her sooooo much. *muaks*


There was a confusion about Notty's gender. Notty is a BOY. Read here for more info


  1. One question: Where does she buang air? :-S

  2. Here with me in Block A. Going back with me to my hometown in a few days time :)

  3. Now I understand why you complain about not having enough time to prepare for finals.