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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Devilish hope

No I'm not gonna write about the coming final exam nor my super cute + retarded kitten heh. 

So I was studying + observing Notty and this past scene suddenly invade my mind. Wonder how much hatred it took to stab me like this. In a formal meeting. In front of everybody.

-skipping all those made-up accusations-

The last straw that killed the camel:
"Know what, your existence is just so irritating and everybody has been hating you for years"

Fuyoh how could the words slip off your mouth so smoothly.
As for another you, how could you still manage to shed tears wtf.
Whereas you the main culprit, I do appreciate all the lessons you had given me but no, sorry, I fail to fake gratitude for your existence in my life.

What for you pretended to be my friends if you really hate me so much. What for?!
And how could you, how could you still approach me like nothing happened, requesting friendship from me as if what you did were really for my good.

*loooooooooooooooong sigh*

May karma haunt you real hard like how your words and actions had haunted me.

I am never a saint and I would never fake to be one.

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