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Friday, October 8, 2010

A week in good mood

My mood has been on the peak of positive emotions for 1 week! *happy* I'm gonna keep it going~ Guess what a week I had? :)

A week of burgers
A&W, McDonald, Burger King. Of course, I had good moments too__♥

If you wonder why is having burgers something worth mentioning, erm because I stay in a campus in an education town (aka dead town/ulu place/inside the jungle) where I have no transportation to go for fast food (because of inconvenience) and no money to order delivery. Despite the fact that INTI is now an international university, we have no any of the above popular fast food restaurant inside campus yet. They should be able to earn a lot of money if they have one here. (I see you nodding, lol)

I like Burger King's wrapper:

A week of cold weathers + nice site to surf

It's raining most of the time here, love the cold weather. Curling your body under the blanket while it's raining outside is awesome. And I just signed up for a Chinese social network which enables me to read many mini blogs from my favorite writers and celebrities. Raise my mood even brighter, I love positive words ^^

I had been a very good student for 1 and a half semester, but within one week I skipped 7 hours of lectures---with no sense of guiltiness muahahaha (blame it on the usxlxss lxxxurxr)

Love this sight of view when I come into my room ♥

A week with contact lenses
I know this is so damn common, but I just started wearing and my life changed--haha not so dramatic la, just so I found out that I really love contact lens so much more. More freedom (as in I can rub my face on rabbit---all part of my face) and confidence! (though my dark circles look obvious when not hiding behind my glasses)

Disposable type, lasts for 1 month. Free sample given by the very nice optician :)

I'm not gonna show you how I remove contact lens, the picture freaks me out. It looks as if I was trying to remove my eyeball from its socket. Ugly and scary facial expression :/

A week of sunglasses
Wearing contact lenses means I can have clear sight behind my sunglasses. This also means I wear sunglasses more than before; and I had my most magazine-cover-looking shoots!

A week of ecstasy
I see illusions @_@ effect of alcohol and techno music lol

Wanna see through the illusions? Don't feel disappointed :P

It's simple to take such pictures! Here are some hints:

Got it? ;)

A week of video-shooting

We had crazy laughs because of this video! Behind the scenes:

A week of good attraction

I added a daily teaching gadget from The Secret official website. It reignites my fading faith!

This book is accompanying me in my room. Even though I don't read it at all for now, it reminds me to keep the habit of attracting good thoughts and feelings into my life.

Hence I'll keep my good mood going. Perhaps it will be good enough for me to study well tomorrow :P

Have a nice weekend!!!



  1. I also got contacts before I left. I hardly wear them at all though, too lazy to put them on every morning :P

  2. i like ur post !
    many picture few words