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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Webcam and meituxiuxiu

Webcam is the camera attached to/inside your laptop.
Meituxiuxiu is a very simple photoshop program, you can enlarge eyes, sharpen chin, redden lips, add eye shadow, bla bla bla...... although it's operated in Chinese but it's damn user friendly, even if you dunno Chinese you'll know how to use it, just google it, free download. And i'm lazy to talk about the functions of meituxiuxiu here :P lemme just show you

When you're happy and you know it clip your hair~~

The following two pictures show you obvious usage of meituxiuxiu:

When your hair shampoo smells too nice you would wanna do this:
lomo effect

photo effect

attention to the eye shadow!

Okay la. Show you the face-beautifying function of meituxiuxiu:

hehe. Actually I just wanna update but lazy to type. Goodnight peeps! :P


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