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Friday, October 22, 2010

MouseHunt gone Halloween!

Halloween is coming soon! So a Haunted Territory has emerged in Mousehunt and the hunters can hunt ghosts Halloween mice now!

And the mice has gone Halloween-costumed. Hehehe~
Click here to see the original mice

Brown mouse

Grey mouse. Samurai training?? lol

Mutated grey mouse. Ewww

White mouse. The feather is of his height.

Mutated white mouse. I feel like piercing his ears.

Lighting rod mouse. Wah the rod gone Satan-ese!

Granite mouse. Wth pixie is not a character for you!

Steel mouse. Chemistry wont turn you gold/diamond, idiot.

Bionic Mouse. I love this Death God costume!

Hollowhead mouse. This is an event mouse, released only once a year!

Zombot Unipire, another event mouse. Escaped from mad scientist's lab!

Oh if you happen to be a mouse-hunter in my friend list, please go to your hunter profile and change your default 'treat' into 'trick' because I have enough candy corn cheese and I need ghoulgonzola cheese. Thank you :D


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