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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Video: HOPE (anti-suicide project)

Hey readers!!! I created a Facebook page and you can find it somewhere at the bottom right of this blog. I would like to share some random short thoughts there so kindly like my page if you like my writings :) better if you pester people to join the page! An ocean of appreciation for you~

If you do not wish to press the LIKE button--what!!!!! How can you be so cruel?!! *expression as below*


Since the date of video presentation campaign is coming soon and TWB production is advertising so hard at KLT Blog, I think I shall promote our group's production too...


If the video is blocked in your country, check it out here

Shown below are some scenes of our video. Very artistic, I would say.

I think we laughed more than the audience will. HAHAHAHA


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