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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween: Fright Dome, Pale Man & Peter

Trick or treat?

Hide and seek!


INTI-IU AUP Club held an Halloween event which I found worth spending RM4 as the entrance fee :D (why am I still rhyming?)

The publicity was fabulous, people actually queued up for hours just to go in and get scared lol. This green bitch was on the board of their booth for days:

They even shot video to get this event widely spread on Facebook. The ghost doesn't really look like a ghost but the light and sound effects were good:

Fright Dome Trailer 1
Fright Dome Trailer 2

Me and four of my friends were the first group of Fright Dome visitors! We went there too early, around 6.30pm. The staffs instructed us to wait till the sky turned dark -.-
For sure, this little bitch wouldn't just sit there and wait like a dead tree so she camwhored :P

Wanted to pose like a real pole-dancer but decided to maintain a low profile while people's eyes were on her :/ lol

Finally the sky was dark enough after 1 hour... We're given a form which stated the tasks we needed to complete while having the fright tour--find stickers in those 7 rooms and stick them onto the form. The staff disallowed me to bring in camera *thunder*

Hence there we went! We were sent into the sport hall, the door shut behind us, gloomy laughing and weeping followed. The setting was a maze with dark and narrow corridors--up to the level we could not even see our way at certain corners. The atmosphere itself was frightening enough, causing my friends to tug my hands and shirt (with full force) along the corridor leading to the 1st room. Couldn't help slipping curses from my mouth... (What the bloody hell @#$% stop pulling me @#$% like this how I walk lah!!! F**K YOU!!! ARGH)

I think I was the only calm one who did not scream at all (fine, I love scary things and scenes wuahaha). In fact I was the one walking in front and getting stickers all the way through~ *proud*

Highlight of my visit:

1. What we fear is the fear itself
We reached the first room, a ghost was sitting with his back facing us. LED light and sticker were placed at the corner in front of that ghost. Half-way discussing who and how to get the sticker (b'cuz we know the ghost sure was gonna block our way), he hopped toward us and yelled super loud. We got an intense heart-attack. My friends screamed so embarrassingly loud they couldn't resist laughing at themselves. Before we left the room I yelled into the ghost's right ear as a revenge... which made me a tiny bit guilty afterward. lol

2. There is something when there is nothing
We reached a room which looked like a hospital, few occupied beds and few empty ones. Then I saw the LED light on the white blanket on an empty bed, I approached, suddenly the white blanket jumped up and yelled at me *defeated*

3. Unexpected appearance of ghosts along the corridors
Well they just came into our ways in all ways: left, right, front, back, up (above the corridor walls), down (below the corridor walls, there were some holes which we couldn't see. The ghosts crawled out suddenly and crawled past us very fast zzz)

4. Freeze! Melt!
In most of the rooms, there were more than 1 ghost. Sitting on the chairs, lying on the floor, squatting at the corners, frozen. We had no idea which ghosts were going to be activated, jump and yell, which was the major reason our hearts froze and our brain melted.

The event was a big success, lots of compliments were seen on Facebook :) Some of the visitors even went twice! I wanted to visit again but the queue was so long and I had a test 2 days after. While I took my shower an idea popped up on my mind--put on my pink dress (the one with lace on it), put on heavy make-up, go sit on the staircase outside the exit of Fright Dome and sing to myself in gloomy tone. The thought kept lingering till I went to bed. Yala I memang siao one lol

The following picture was taken way back before Halloween. Me imitating child-eating Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth:

This is Pale Man:
The Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth is based on Tenome, an old Japanese legend. Tenome was a blind man who was beaten up and murdered by a mugger. He returned as a ghost, but his desire for revenge was so great that his blind eyes were gone, and instead, he grew new eyes in his hands. Now the Pale Man roams through cities and villages, searching for the mugger who murdered him. He sees by waving his hands in front of him. But Tenome never saw the face of his attacker and simply kills whoever he can get his hands on. Although he has eyes in his hands, he is still figuratively blinded by his anger.

Lastly, presented to you Todd McFarlane's production, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater:

Extracted from Mother Goose Melodies:
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Had a wife but couldn't keep her
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he kept her very well
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Had another and didn't love her
Peter learned to read and spell
And then he loved her very well



  1. who shot the bunch of ghost on the floor? si beh kong bu

  2. I found it from the staff's profile. Muahaha