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Monday, September 13, 2010

Scary fruit?

That's how my mom called it cuz it's weird-looking and spiky. No not durian, there are so much durian-lovers out there including me. This fruit has a bright color and is not cheap.

I'm talking about pitaya, aka dragon fruit! The most common type here is of red skin and red flesh (dark pink), there are also a type of red skin and white flesh, as well as yellow skin and white flesh. Most people might not know that it is actually the fruit of a cactus species. The seeds are edible.

Juicy, special taste, not as sweet as other popular fruits. Its color can dye your tongue temporary. Nutrition value? Go check wikipedia. lol

Are you scared of eating it? You can consider drinking it, some places sell its freshmade juice. I have never tried though.

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