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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Piglet + Tigger = Pigger/Tiglet

This is Tigger.

This is Piglet.

What happens when Piglet tries to camouflage as Tigger?


It becomes PIGGER.


A dog with a good nose, like my Rabbit, can always tell what it actually is by smelling.

Actually I'm just bored.
Random post is nice.
Gina showed no response after I publicized her Lolita look.
Her blond cousin also la, too used to act feminine oledi.
I start fantasizing how my godchildren should dress.

Maybe like this

Or this

The piglet baby *pointing up↑* called me by my full name in Facebook wuahahahahaha

Not intense enough though...
Especially that I didn't kena from Gina. So depressing. *emo*
But devastation pushed me up to another level!!!
I'm gonna brush up my looking-for-kena skills! :D :D :D *motivated*

Crazenne the kena-finder

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