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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Port Dickson 6 ❣ Pasir Panjang Reserved Jungle

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Part 6 is this one you're currently reading wtf.

We got here by chance. Before this, we went to Extreme Park (where we could ride ATV and play paintball) but it was too expensive. RM20 per person for ATV-riding, and the sun was bloody hot that time. The paintball game there was just tutorial type, i.e. practice shooting the paper card targets. So we decided to have a walk in a jungle since we had nothing better to do...

papa-, paparazzi~


At the entrance we saw a signboard stating the 3 Don'ts in this jungle. Too bad the battery of my camera was already dead, and I forgot to ask my friends to take a picture of it. By now my memory has already worn out, but I think the 1st one was Do not litter, forgot the 2nd one, the 3rd one caught our attention: DO NOT CARRY OUT SIN ACTS, which was interpreted as NO PUBLIC SEX ALLOWED. Roflmao!

So we started fantasizing how the couple would be dried up if they did it in the jungle. Dried up as in losing blood, 'cuz they would be feeding the mosquitoes. The moment we walked into the jungle, almost hundred of mosquitoes were following us. We walked very dramatically (like crowns) just so the mosquitoes would not find any still spots on us to land and suck blood.

Then the big trunks reminded me of what I read in Uncyclopedia: sex with plant haha. "Huh how?!") Oh, drill the tree trunk, cushion the hole and ...... ("Ewwww!!! Why so desperate?!") Haha I dunno either.

We came across another signboard, Gina's cousin (who was suspected to have taken a secret bite on Tongkat Ali just now) became hyper and lifted it up off the ground!

Lol jk. The signboard was lying on the ground, what he did was picking it up. That's all. Don't sue him for vandalism :P

The sea water at this side was brownish.

Not like the seawater at the resort side.

While walking, we saw smoke from far. Like I mentioned above, we had nothing better to do. So we walked near to figure out where the smoke came from.

Burning tree trunk! Hit by lightning the day before.

Finally we had nowhere else to go. Furthermore, the rental for the car was near to the expiry hour. Here ended our 24-hour Port Dickson trip!

taken on the way back

Special thank to Laopa the driver, Gina's cousin, Gina's girlfriend, Gina, and the core character, MamaNeh! I had fun in this 24 hours, I guess we all did :)


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