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Monday, September 6, 2010

Port Dickson 4 ❣ Ostrich Show Farm

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At the entrance, just when we were going to pay RM6 for each person, Laopa suggested to ask whether there was discount for students. So CheeLing asked and we saved RM2 each!
Lesson learnt: Silence is not always golden. At the right time, the right words can be diamond. :P

Start of tour

Goats. Our Chinese zodiac sign :)

OMG Birds’ Attack! Just imagine the scene when you saw 'turkeys' and pigeons dashing towards you, with their wings flipping aggressively. We stepped backward with some screaming (the girls).

They calmed down (we too) when given cereals (bought at the entrance).
Take a closer look, they are not 'turkeys' like what the worker told us.

'Cuz a turkey looks like this:

This is actually a guinea-fowl, aka pearl chicken. The white dots tell you its species.

me feeding the guinea-fowls

Even cat loves the cereals! It was funny how the guinea-fowls were bigger than the cat but had no guts (erm—literally do they have guts?) to get near.

Meet the main characters in the farm!!!

Don’t you think an ostrich looks pretty weird?
I mean, they just don’t look… balanced.

Very amazing how they could bend their neck into...

... into S and J shapes.

They extended their necks out the fenced area from time to time, so I dared not to go near.

Is she hatching egg?
Nope. But we saw this.

Wondering why the previous ostrich had no feathers around its butts? (If you didn’t realize that, scroll up)

This was more severe.

Like it just escaped from the kitchen.
Chicken Run
(cartoon movie) --> Ostrich Run

Oh yeah, they were separated in different fenced areas in categories like:
Healthy and strong Lack of nutrition No arsehair Feather drop Lack of calcium Pregnant Ready to mate …….

With the RM4 entrance ticket we can have not only a visit, but also
1. Egg stepping
2. Ostrich riding
3. Ostrich racing (demonstration by farm workers)

We had a discussion on where to hold if we rode them. Feathers? They would go crazy if we accidentally pull off their feathers. Neck? They would suffocate. In the end, none of us asked about the riding.
We asked for racing but did not get it. According to the workers, they couldn’t demonstrate ostrich racing because it was raining the day before. The runway was wet so the ostriches might slip since they do not have balanced body structures---according to me HAHAHA :P

Look at the signboard:

3. They can accelerate from 0 to 70km/hour in less than 3 seconds, which makes them almost as fast as Ferrari.

Too bad we couldn’t watch that. But we did egg-stepping!
An ostrich egg can withstand 120 kg, so this eggie under my feet could actually withstand the weights of me plus another girl. The only problem was, even if we were to do so, we wouldn’t find space for two people to step on.

This lovely eggie had been in my Facebook profile picture for quite some time :)

Part 5: Beautiful creatures
we saw in PD Ostrich Show Farm!



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