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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Japan shopping spree!

Guess what? Crazenne went for a spree in Japan!!!
While in Japan, do as the Japaneses do ;) Me in Lolita style

Sweet much? Weeeeeeee ♥
In this post I'll show you some Japanese products. Their creativity is gonna amaze you.
I divided the products into 5 categories: for convenience, for beauty, for health, for culture and for.... FETISHISM! *wink* (don't expect too much though ;P)

1. For convenience

Finger coverings, to encourage crime prevent leaving fingerprints on confidential/important documents.

One-touch apron, to protect your trousers from water splashes.

Small brush, to clean slips.


Tower holder

2. For beauty

Face roller, eyezone soft roller (for men)

Face-up roller, face roller (for women)

Nose ball roller

slim roller (shank), scalp point tool

....................... *speechless*

3. For health

W power of germanium and titan. (???) I have no idea how this bracelet works.

Medicine containers. I labeled each column with the day represented (above the characters). Those are Chinese characters, meaning moon, fire, water, wood, gold, soil and day (from left to right). In Japanese these characters represent 7 days in a week.
Monologue: This would be quite helpful for me, I used to forget consuming additional food; when I remember to consume, I forgot whether I've consumed the food on that day... ==

Stainless steel soap, stated there: permanent. I dunno how it works too.

4. For culture

Didn't look like Japanese dolls...

I like the pink one! ♥

I have one of each kind :) I used to play with the folded type, imitating those attractive guys in Chinese dramas (ancient period as background); when I felt feminine I played with round type, fantasizing myself as royalty/daughter of the rich~ *day-dream*

Chopsticks with designs. Talking about chopsticks, I have to admit that I'm not good at using them... *shy* I do know how to hold them with the right way; I'm used to the wrong way (by which when I clip food, the ends of the chopsticks will cross). Very embarrassing when I eat something wet (noodles, meatball etc.), the food always stands a high chance to slip off, fall into the bowl and splash the soup out on the table.

hair clips

Hahaha I know you can't wait for the last category. Here it comes!

5. For fetishism

What are these???

BANANA CONTAINER! Wth why do they need a special container for bananas?!

..... and BANANA SLICER *...............*

Okay~ Now is the time to confess my sins......
Firstly, it wasn't a spree. I didn't spend money at all.
Secondly, it wasn't in Japan (haha, guess you already knew anyway!).
It is on 2nd floor of new Jusco, Melaka.

Always RM5! I saw that only when I left the shop. No wonder there was no price label on all items! *regret*

Have a visit if you go there, there are many other unique items which I did not introduce in this post! Enjoy your spree!

Crazenne the liar

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  1. then need to practice more how to learn chopstick lo..:D