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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Isabelle and campus food

Back in hometown, I limteh (Hokkien, meaning: have a drink) with a few close friends, sang karaoke with them (how weird, we sang in one box among a row of karaoke booths with transparent walls and were charged by the number of songs we sang), did shopping with my cute lovely cousin Isabelle. I brought along my camera but I incredibly forgot to take picture with ALL of my friends! What a failure -__- Even this picture with Belle was taken because of her reminder:

Two years younger than me, she is cute with bigger eyes and double eye lids and flatter nose (lol) ! How could people say we look like twin sisters?! Anyway, I love her! (Belle, I know you're reading this! :P)

No la actually... Isabella = me. Photoshopped one. 认真你就输了wtf.

What I bought:

Light and comfy, RM14.90. Would look a whole lot better if the heart shape is red in color.

'Burberry pattern' is one of my favorite. The brand has the same name with my soft toy Bon Bon! (scroll to my last photo in this blog or click here for older post)

I'm bringing them back to campus tomorrow!

I'm quite reluctant to go back to campus *emo* Foreseeing Crazenne working her ass off as a price for not studying at all during holidays welcomes tons of stress.
And I'm recalling some food in campus that can cure my mood:

Italian Herb Spaghetti, RM5.00, sold at Bakery in campus. I have never seen this flavor of spaghetti being sold at any other places. The taste is unique with its special sauce.

My favorite tidbit. I like this more than Chipsmore.

Tofuhua (mandarin)/taufufa (cantonese)/tauhuhui (Hokkien) with black sugar (gula Melaka?). Sold by a stall outside the campus.

Ham and cheese sandwich, sold by a new stall in cafeteria. Fresh handmade on the spot. To my surprise, it tastes really good! (Bon Bon on my table ^^)

Did I just say these food can cure my mood? Doesn't work for now, I can feel butterflies crashing the inner epithelial cells of my stomach :/ ahhhh studies!

I'm gonna be dead.


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