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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ipoh 6 ❣ Taoist Cave Temples 灵仙洞 & 南天洞

This is the first time Chinese characters appear in my post title. Therefore, this is a...


Present to you, two very cute doll-like dogs

Brown one: 灵仙洞
White one: 南天洞


okay. okay i know.

but how can you expect me to be sane after looking up for alien terms and philosophers' background on google for the fucking whole night???

I had no idea how the fuck "otwnaximaliderz" appeared in my note. Turned out it's probably Anaximander, one of the famous dead philosophers.


Okay back to the dogs.

They were spotted at pasar malam (night market) on the first night of my Ipoh trip. When I saw them from far, I told Spongy "omg they look so real!" thinking that they were random decorative stuffed dolls. As we walked nearer, I realized they were moving and I went "eh pakai batteri punya?"

Spongy totally ignored me. Perhaps he didn't hear me, or thought I was too retarded.

Then I realized that they were real dogs. #fail

Ipoh Trip 1--Ipoh Railway Station
Ipoh Trip 2--Mini Harbour Bridge & Riverfront Park
Ipoh Trip 3--Colorful Historical Buildings
Ipoh Trip 4--St. Michael Institution & my REBELLION
Ipoh Trip 5--Yummy Local Food & Drinks

This post is gonna be short because of a serious lack of pictures. All 4 cameras were running out of battery when we visited these 2 cave temples.

Ling Sen Tong (灵仙洞) was the first temple we visited that day.

If you wonder why the characters appear different from what I typed, that's because I typed simplified character. The one in the photo is traditional characters "Ling Sen Yan (岩)" (read from right to left) but the English version came out as Ling Sen Tong and I dunno why.

洞 means cave.
岩 means rock.

I think both make sense since.... cave is made up of rock?

There are a hell lot of statues here, and you probably can't name all of them, as some of them are actually not popular among Chinese Taoists.

Well, it's a fact that Chinese Taoists in Malaysia made statues of whatever they feel like worshiping, be it human or animal or semi-human, real-life or fictional.

Whaaaaaat. True what!

wah this is a patriotic temple

Don't you think the mermaid looks like a merman with long hair and the pair look like underwater homosexual couple? o_O

And visitors attempted to throw coins into the bowls in their hands. Very typical thing to do when a statue with some sort of container is put in the middle of water.

Such action is a derived form of donation to the temples. Yep.

Yue Lao (月老), the god of marriage.

A unicorn without a horn a.k.a A flying horse in Chinese legend??

view from top of the temple building

Next to Lin Sen Tong is another cave temple, Nan Tien Tong (南天洞). This is Longevity Bridge.

No other photos taken in Nan Tien Tong because we were saving the last 2% of battery for Guan Yin Tong temple which we visited last.

Behind the blue-green gate is yet another adjacent cave temple, San Bao Tong, which we didn't get to visit because it was closed on that day.

I had to make this picture darker because the sun was too bright... Ipoh's weather was really super hot. (I know I already mentioned this in my previous post). We were complaining, ranting, but now that we are suffering the cold in different states of America, I think we all share the same nostalgia about Malaysia's weather... right???

Damn I miss the heat laaaaa walao eh.

Last but not least, a photo of bromance:


It's windy here tonight...



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