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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Types of Haters

Bet I’ll receive invisible curses after I post this, whatsoever. Let me flip my Haters Catalog and choose some to write about.

#1 Hypocrites
Usually good at pretending as goodies. They hide their true agendas till chances come.

I met one whom everyone thinks she is helpful, kind, honest, rightful—until today? There are so many incidents I can talk about. She once persuaded everyone in a team (including the authority) to kick one person out, convinced them that Victim was bringing troubles to the team. She made it.

Then she went to Vic, claimed that she was the one trying to save Vic while all people were against Vic. To make her words convincing, she told Vic that Vic was not suitable to be in the team and quitting did her good. She even offered moral support to Vic. Here comes the best part, she told Vic that the one who suggested kicking Vic out was CINROL. (this act put her in #2 and #3)

How would I find out? Vic told me everything later. I confronted this hypocrite, she admitted, pretended to be so regretful of her behaviors. Lol, she could actually just blame Vic and claim that Vic lied to me, but you know what, hypocrites care for their reputations so they know when to be honest to not risk their asses.

Hypocrites can only be detected after you become the victims, so be alert enough to see through the fake hugs and smiles. Experiences give you sharp eyes. Good luck.

#2 Betrayers
Usually the close ones. They turn around and reveal your secrets, spice up whatever you have told them and spread to the third party, give you bad name. There is almost no chance for you to detect it until they do so to you. They can cause serious destruction because
(a) they can hurt your feelings (you used to trust them)
(b) people believe their claims, ‘cuz they know they are (or were) very close to you

Thank God I did not encounter few betrayers in my life.

I think most BFFs were turned into betrayers by jealousy? And this jealousy usually has something to do with romance; could be same-sex who causes threat to your admired one, as well as opposite-sex who secretly want to have romance with you.

This betrayer I encountered (I’m gonna tell you the gender) went around defaming me as a very terrible person (arrogant, inconsiderate, power-loving etc.). I’m kind enough to forgive B, but I’m not stupid enough to forget what B has done to me. So in the end B lost my friendship, ‘cuz what disappoints me is not how B revealed my unhappy personal experience to person I would not want to share my past with, but the remark B added— ‘she deserves it’. Perhaps B is still carrying on with what B did; I don’t give a damn ‘cuz B is just a loser who needs to get a life!

#3 Back-stabbers
Similar to #2, but not necessarily close to you. If you meet those clever ones, they might even set you up. Too, could be #7 (rumor-makers) but not necessarily, to me a back-stabber is someone who does something you do not expect him/her would do to you. For example, Miss Hypocrite, B, and some losers whom I do not even know their names.

#4 Criticizers
Their main goal is to kill your confidence and to inculcate denial in whatever you do.

Before my SPM there was one family who know my plan to apply for JPA scholarship, they kept trying to convince me that JPA scholarship is no good and I did not stand a high chance to get it. After I got it and before I knew which country JPA will send me to, they told my parents JPA will send me to poor country like Indonesia or India, and if I was sent to rich country, economy downfall will happen and JPA will stop the scholarship before I get my degree.

Anyway some criticizes are constructive, to differentiate you need wisdom : )

#5 Holier-than-thou
People’s ideas are foolish except theirs; people’s actions are sinful except theirs; people’s dignities are worthless except theirs.

Mr HTT told me my principles and moral values were wrong because I questioned him personally for cheating in an examination. According to him, there is no right and wrong in this world but I was wrong for minding his business.

Of course you can put me in this category because I’m writing this holy post.

#6 Gang heads
Ahhh, you know, those popular people who can influence others to boycott you. Again, I used to be one among the victims. Perhaps I deserve it because I am an arrogant holier-than-thou. lol

#7 Rumor-makers
Needless to say, there are some imaginative people who love to create stories but have no chance to be writers/movie-makers. Therefore Crazenne becomes the name of the main character in scandals, cat fights and prostitution.

#8 Gossipers
They advertise for #7.

#9 Paparazzo
They love digging your privacy just so they can provide some materials to #7 and #8.

“hey, are you dating with xxx from X School?”
“no, why?”
“really or not, I heard people say so leh, don’t lie la”
“who told you?”
“forgot alr. many ppl also gossip leh”
“aiya, too many liao. So you’re not dating with him la?”
“okay okay I see… SO WHO ARE YOU DATING NOW?”

#10 Third parties
Need I say more?

I guess I was too lucky to encounter all these people before I turn 20. Since they were so impatient to turn up in the early chapters of my life, I hope there are none left for the future.


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