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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hair accident and Mousehunt

I dunno whether this is common for long-haired girls, it has happened to me several times. My hair got sucked into and stuck in the hair dryer.

There was no way for me to untie the knot....... *sob* bye bye hair...

Why was I so mindless?
My eyes were looking at my laptop screen---chemistry report (with all those troublesome equations which I have to pay extra care with, since a typo can cause marks to fly away from the right hand of that.....unique lecturer) and Mousehunt at the same time.

If you remember, I blogged before about me catching a mouse, bare-handed :D
Mousehunt is a Facebook game,has long been popular. I just started playing it few days ago.
Basically I just need to click on the horn every 15 minutes to hunt, and see what mice luck has given me.
I found the mice very cute! (well, not all)

Can mice read??

Traditional method

HAHAHAHA, male mice's favorite

This looks like my brother Donut. He is 11, taller than me already and still scared of butterflies.

When he feels hungry can he just tilts his head and eats the grass on his back?

Religious mouse. Prayer before meal.

Maybe he is trying to get impressive hairstyle.

This is my favorite! So far the highest point and biggest number of gold I got were from this cute thing.

What is he doing?


and the not-so-good-looking ones:

Ah, review of sources (10-16 pages) for ENL102 was due last week but I haven't even found enough varieties of sources yet. INTI-IU library is so not resourceful...

Mice bless me.

Crazenne Tey


  1. You found lots of varieties of mice though! XD

  2. :D luck loved at me but today near 20 pieces of my cheese went stale :( and many failed hunting