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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazenne's Toy Story

1-year-old little Crazenne with the 2 big toys papa bought ♥

She has been with me since I was little kid too. Her name is Sweetie. Donut thinks that she looks like a ghost doll, just placing her in front of his face can scare him (till now) :P

Mama bought him from a toy shop. Dislike at first sight because of his tongue.

I like this penguin and it had been all fine until Donut was born. *heartache*
Now it has become like this:

Donut has very itchy fingers T_____T

Later I had other small penguins but I never really like them...

The following colorful goat was a prize. It was a competition about recognizing ancient Chinese characters on student magazine, grandpa won it for me.

Key chain dolls

Key chain dolls 2

My pink bear bought at RM2 shop, riding my brother’s dog

The weird-looking giraffe was my brother’s graduation souvenir given by his kindergarten. I like it so he gave it to me. *happy* The two bears were bought by grandpa on his way to his first cancer treatment. He passed away 4 months later...

Presents from aunt. I once had a craze for Hello Kitty.

... forgot

Again, my brother gave it to me! Hehe

The long-eareds!

I didn’t bring these dolls to hostel because they are not huggable. These are the three I have in hostel, gifts received after I went there:

Finally, after 18 years, are the Santa and dotted dog still as big as half of me?



  1. lol~ cant stop laughing~ btw, i oso played the same santa and dotted dog b4 at grandma's house when i was young. ur bro's dog is so cute~ haha~ i love it. and u have pooh too~ the small black penguin oso cute mah~ y u nvr likr it :(

  2. HUH REALLY?! Santa and dotted dog were attached gift when my father bought chicken essence, he purposely bought the chicken essence to get that 2 toys~ (i think the toys cost more than the essence)
    The small black penguin is my brother's, I don't think it's cute :(
    I used to like his dog till I found my dotted dog again, mama kept those big old toys in cupboard for years, just got rescued few days ago hehe

  3. diZ iZ NiCe bLoGs!