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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hair accident and Mousehunt

I dunno whether this is common for long-haired girls, it has happened to me several times. My hair got sucked into and stuck in the hair dryer.

There was no way for me to untie the knot....... *sob* bye bye hair...

Why was I so mindless?
My eyes were looking at my laptop screen---chemistry report (with all those troublesome equations which I have to pay extra care with, since a typo can cause marks to fly away from the right hand of that.....unique lecturer) and Mousehunt at the same time.

If you remember, I blogged before about me catching a mouse, bare-handed :D
Mousehunt is a Facebook game,has long been popular. I just started playing it few days ago.
Basically I just need to click on the horn every 15 minutes to hunt, and see what mice luck has given me.
I found the mice very cute! (well, not all)

Can mice read??

Traditional method

HAHAHAHA, male mice's favorite

This looks like my brother Donut. He is 11, taller than me already and still scared of butterflies.

When he feels hungry can he just tilts his head and eats the grass on his back?

Religious mouse. Prayer before meal.

Maybe he is trying to get impressive hairstyle.

This is my favorite! So far the highest point and biggest number of gold I got were from this cute thing.

What is he doing?


and the not-so-good-looking ones:

Ah, review of sources (10-16 pages) for ENL102 was due last week but I haven't even found enough varieties of sources yet. INTI-IU library is so not resourceful...

Mice bless me.

Crazenne Tey

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Passport-sized photos

Do you agree that passport-sized photos never do us justice?

2 years ago

1 year ago

This year, I finally took a satisfying one.

The comparison

I renewed my identity card on the same day I took the above photo (2010). But this one looks sooooo much different!

So, I know I should take off my glasses and tuck my hair behind my ears the next time.

Lastly, no picture of me would look worse than my student card:

I dunno how to describe this.....


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Isabelle and campus food

Back in hometown, I limteh (Hokkien, meaning: have a drink) with a few close friends, sang karaoke with them (how weird, we sang in one box among a row of karaoke booths with transparent walls and were charged by the number of songs we sang), did shopping with my cute lovely cousin Isabelle. I brought along my camera but I incredibly forgot to take picture with ALL of my friends! What a failure -__- Even this picture with Belle was taken because of her reminder:

Two years younger than me, she is cute with bigger eyes and double eye lids and flatter nose (lol) ! How could people say we look like twin sisters?! Anyway, I love her! (Belle, I know you're reading this! :P)

No la actually... Isabella = me. Photoshopped one. 认真你就输了wtf.

What I bought:

Light and comfy, RM14.90. Would look a whole lot better if the heart shape is red in color.

'Burberry pattern' is one of my favorite. The brand has the same name with my soft toy Bon Bon! (scroll to my last photo in this blog or click here for older post)

I'm bringing them back to campus tomorrow!

I'm quite reluctant to go back to campus *emo* Foreseeing Crazenne working her ass off as a price for not studying at all during holidays welcomes tons of stress.
And I'm recalling some food in campus that can cure my mood:

Italian Herb Spaghetti, RM5.00, sold at Bakery in campus. I have never seen this flavor of spaghetti being sold at any other places. The taste is unique with its special sauce.

My favorite tidbit. I like this more than Chipsmore.

Tofuhua (mandarin)/taufufa (cantonese)/tauhuhui (Hokkien) with black sugar (gula Melaka?). Sold by a stall outside the campus.

Ham and cheese sandwich, sold by a new stall in cafeteria. Fresh handmade on the spot. To my surprise, it tastes really good! (Bon Bon on my table ^^)

Did I just say these food can cure my mood? Doesn't work for now, I can feel butterflies crashing the inner epithelial cells of my stomach :/ ahhhh studies!

I'm gonna be dead.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Types of Haters

Bet I’ll receive invisible curses after I post this, whatsoever. Let me flip my Haters Catalog and choose some to write about.

#1 Hypocrites
Usually good at pretending as goodies. They hide their true agendas till chances come.

I met one whom everyone thinks she is helpful, kind, honest, rightful—until today? There are so many incidents I can talk about. She once persuaded everyone in a team (including the authority) to kick one person out, convinced them that Victim was bringing troubles to the team. She made it.

Then she went to Vic, claimed that she was the one trying to save Vic while all people were against Vic. To make her words convincing, she told Vic that Vic was not suitable to be in the team and quitting did her good. She even offered moral support to Vic. Here comes the best part, she told Vic that the one who suggested kicking Vic out was CINROL. (this act put her in #2 and #3)

How would I find out? Vic told me everything later. I confronted this hypocrite, she admitted, pretended to be so regretful of her behaviors. Lol, she could actually just blame Vic and claim that Vic lied to me, but you know what, hypocrites care for their reputations so they know when to be honest to not risk their asses.

Hypocrites can only be detected after you become the victims, so be alert enough to see through the fake hugs and smiles. Experiences give you sharp eyes. Good luck.

#2 Betrayers
Usually the close ones. They turn around and reveal your secrets, spice up whatever you have told them and spread to the third party, give you bad name. There is almost no chance for you to detect it until they do so to you. They can cause serious destruction because
(a) they can hurt your feelings (you used to trust them)
(b) people believe their claims, ‘cuz they know they are (or were) very close to you

Thank God I did not encounter few betrayers in my life.

I think most BFFs were turned into betrayers by jealousy? And this jealousy usually has something to do with romance; could be same-sex who causes threat to your admired one, as well as opposite-sex who secretly want to have romance with you.

This betrayer I encountered (I’m gonna tell you the gender) went around defaming me as a very terrible person (arrogant, inconsiderate, power-loving etc.). I’m kind enough to forgive B, but I’m not stupid enough to forget what B has done to me. So in the end B lost my friendship, ‘cuz what disappoints me is not how B revealed my unhappy personal experience to person I would not want to share my past with, but the remark B added— ‘she deserves it’. Perhaps B is still carrying on with what B did; I don’t give a damn ‘cuz B is just a loser who needs to get a life!

#3 Back-stabbers
Similar to #2, but not necessarily close to you. If you meet those clever ones, they might even set you up. Too, could be #7 (rumor-makers) but not necessarily, to me a back-stabber is someone who does something you do not expect him/her would do to you. For example, Miss Hypocrite, B, and some losers whom I do not even know their names.

#4 Criticizers
Their main goal is to kill your confidence and to inculcate denial in whatever you do.

Before my SPM there was one family who know my plan to apply for JPA scholarship, they kept trying to convince me that JPA scholarship is no good and I did not stand a high chance to get it. After I got it and before I knew which country JPA will send me to, they told my parents JPA will send me to poor country like Indonesia or India, and if I was sent to rich country, economy downfall will happen and JPA will stop the scholarship before I get my degree.

Anyway some criticizes are constructive, to differentiate you need wisdom : )

#5 Holier-than-thou
People’s ideas are foolish except theirs; people’s actions are sinful except theirs; people’s dignities are worthless except theirs.

Mr HTT told me my principles and moral values were wrong because I questioned him personally for cheating in an examination. According to him, there is no right and wrong in this world but I was wrong for minding his business.

Of course you can put me in this category because I’m writing this holy post.

#6 Gang heads
Ahhh, you know, those popular people who can influence others to boycott you. Again, I used to be one among the victims. Perhaps I deserve it because I am an arrogant holier-than-thou. lol

#7 Rumor-makers
Needless to say, there are some imaginative people who love to create stories but have no chance to be writers/movie-makers. Therefore Crazenne becomes the name of the main character in scandals, cat fights and prostitution.

#8 Gossipers
They advertise for #7.

#9 Paparazzo
They love digging your privacy just so they can provide some materials to #7 and #8.

“hey, are you dating with xxx from X School?”
“no, why?”
“really or not, I heard people say so leh, don’t lie la”
“who told you?”
“forgot alr. many ppl also gossip leh”
“aiya, too many liao. So you’re not dating with him la?”
“okay okay I see… SO WHO ARE YOU DATING NOW?”

#10 Third parties
Need I say more?

I guess I was too lucky to encounter all these people before I turn 20. Since they were so impatient to turn up in the early chapters of my life, I hope there are none left for the future.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Scary fruit?

That's how my mom called it cuz it's weird-looking and spiky. No not durian, there are so much durian-lovers out there including me. This fruit has a bright color and is not cheap.

I'm talking about pitaya, aka dragon fruit! The most common type here is of red skin and red flesh (dark pink), there are also a type of red skin and white flesh, as well as yellow skin and white flesh. Most people might not know that it is actually the fruit of a cactus species. The seeds are edible.

Juicy, special taste, not as sweet as other popular fruits. Its color can dye your tongue temporary. Nutrition value? Go check wikipedia. lol

Are you scared of eating it? You can consider drinking it, some places sell its freshmade juice. I have never tried though.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazenne's Toy Story

1-year-old little Crazenne with the 2 big toys papa bought ♥

She has been with me since I was little kid too. Her name is Sweetie. Donut thinks that she looks like a ghost doll, just placing her in front of his face can scare him (till now) :P

Mama bought him from a toy shop. Dislike at first sight because of his tongue.

I like this penguin and it had been all fine until Donut was born. *heartache*
Now it has become like this:

Donut has very itchy fingers T_____T

Later I had other small penguins but I never really like them...

The following colorful goat was a prize. It was a competition about recognizing ancient Chinese characters on student magazine, grandpa won it for me.

Key chain dolls

Key chain dolls 2

My pink bear bought at RM2 shop, riding my brother’s dog

The weird-looking giraffe was my brother’s graduation souvenir given by his kindergarten. I like it so he gave it to me. *happy* The two bears were bought by grandpa on his way to his first cancer treatment. He passed away 4 months later...

Presents from aunt. I once had a craze for Hello Kitty.

... forgot

Again, my brother gave it to me! Hehe

The long-eareds!

I didn’t bring these dolls to hostel because they are not huggable. These are the three I have in hostel, gifts received after I went there:

Finally, after 18 years, are the Santa and dotted dog still as big as half of me?