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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Port Dickson 2 ❣ Below 21?!

Part 1 is here!!! (I added a few photos)

After 'worshiping' the splendor of Thistle Resort......
Back to the reality. Food!

Since Port Dickson is a town by the seaside, it was not surprising that almost all restaurants (actually not up to the level to be called 'restaurants', whatever la) were selling seafood.

Which was a problem to me. 'Cuz I hardly eat seafood. I only eat fish when they are in the forms of fish o' fillet, fish nuggets, McD and KFC. I have never eaten crab meat which looks like this:

I have only eaten minced crab meat which looks like this:

Forget about prawns (to me prawns give a smell of rotten meat) , octopuses (Paul is lovely I've never eaten any of his species) and squids (do you people eat squids?).

Hence we passed by a lot of restaurants until I said we could actually order non-seafood dishes from any seafood restaurant. Then we stopped in front of one. Its shop sign was a Chinese word meaning FAT.

As we opened the car doors it started raining. We made our movement very fast. Not because of the rain, but because of the waiters/waitress/owners of FAT restaurant who approached, getting ready to serve us the moment we parked the car.

In fact, our destination was the big food stall next to it, JiuLiXiang (meaning: aroma that can spread 9-meter-far).

The decoration made us wondering. It's just the beginning of Ramadhan month and you people were preparing for Chinese New Year already?? (there are at least 4 more months before CNY?)

In the end, we guessed they were just lazy to take those decorations off. Might have been hung there for years.

No comment for the food. (according to Prof. Dr. Lim, no comment = not too good not too bad)

We continued looking for accommodation.
Earlier in the journey we saw a banner "Ramadhan offer: RM111 for 1 room" hanging at Selesa Resort. We went, and unexpectedly, got turned down.

Receptionist: "We follow hostel system, you are not allowed to check in because none of you are above 21."

*thunder* What?! Hotel system?!

Still managed to catch a picture when the guys were trying to make them abolish 'hotel system'.

2nd accommodation-hunt failed. Moved on to the 3rd one. Forgot the name.

All these scenes were taken around its ground floor. No other people other than us.
Where was the reception? lobby??

We saw a phone at the corner beside the elevator. We started talking to it (yeah, to it, not into it), expecting to have a receptionist listening to us from the other side (erm yeah, just listening. I don't think we would like to hear the phone talked back).
And finally quit doing it and went into the elevator as we finally realized we were acting like retards.

Saw many rooms. Many corridors. And many plants.
But no people.
Oh wait. Was there a Malay kid? or two? with us in the elevator, who disappeared later?
Hey chill chill this is not a ghost story la. We did see a human kid (or two, sorry bad memory), but he (or they) could not give us the information we wanted.

When we went back into the car the worries started to strike stronger. What there's none which did not practice 'hotel system'?
We decided to give a call to the ever-grand Thistle Resort. By referring to the brochure taken earlier at its lobby, I made a call to the number shown.

"Thistle Resort bla bla bla bla, what can I help you?" (Malay accent)

"I would like to know about the age limit to check in."


"What is the A-G-E L-I-M-I-T to check in?"

"Huh??? Wait."
(music playing, put on hold)

~10 seconds later~

(hang up)


(At this point, Gina realized the number I dialed was Thistle Resort in Kuala Lumpur.)
(Aiyo! Where is the PD one??")

Second calling.
(Laopa: eh you don't talk so deep la, use simple English, just say we are all 19 and ask whether can check in or not.) *me nodding*

"Hello, Thistle Resort bla bla bla bla what can I help you?" (Malay accent again)

"I would like to book for a room, we will check in tonight."



"Oh... tonight yar...Who?"

"There are 6 of us, but we would like to know first whether we are allowed to check in because all of us are only 19."

"I beg your pardon?"
(I was annoyed already, I was not even talking in any of the Malaysian accent how could you don't understand me!) (oh maybe this is why)

"(the previous line repeated s-l-o-w-l-y.)"

"Er..... Huh??? Erm... hold on."
(music playing)

~15 seconds later~

"Our resort is full. No room available."

"Oh... okay." (hang up)

(Monologue: then why don't you tell me in the beginning? did you understand what I was saying or not?)

To be frank with you, we were already planning to stay in motel at the very worst.
(someone: it would be worse if even the motel is full.)

So we moved on to the 4th stop. Bayu Beach Resort.

Yayyyyyy no age limit!!!

But we made a mistake here. All six of us went to the reception together, the receptionist refused to let us check in to the smallest cheapest room (RM240 per night). So we took the RM300 one. Should let only 3 of us to book the room and then take turns to go up after they gave us the cheapest room.

The female receptionist described that the room 'two-storey', and later I was told by my friend that the bed in our room is two-storey (because I wasn't listening to the receptionist). Our room was at the 6th floor (uppermost).

As we opened the door, we realized that the 'two-storey' was referring to the room, not the bed!

We never knew such 'two-storey room' existed in any hotel.

We decided to take a night walk on the beach.

Up in the Part 3: Beach, resort, craziness! Stay tuned! :P



  1. I'm fasting and the first thing I saw after I opened your blog is CRAB. -__-'

    Thank goodness I don't like crabs that much xD

  2. Opps :S Never considered that 'cuz it doesn't look tempting to me. Hahaha

  3. I don't like seafood though, so it's perfectly fine. Haha!