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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Port Dickson 1 ❣ Thistle resort

Remember her? Looks familiar?

MamaNeh is flying off on September, thus she traveled from Penang back to INTI-IU for our last 'family trip' :D

She told us she'd be back for 2 days. We planned to have a Genting Highland trip initially. Then tiba-tiba we're informed that we had to attend JPA meeting from 3-5pm on Friday. *curses*

Due to time constrict, Genting trip was canceled. T_T

No choice but to switch it to Plan B--Port Dickson, the nearest place to go other than shopping centers.

Friday 5.30p.m., we gathered under our block after the meeting. Our laopa (big daddy) rented a car, RM130 for 24 hours.

This blue is handsome right? :) And it's true how much Asians love the 'peace' pose.

Me :D Ah Neh showed improvement in photo-shooting skills after she owned a Nikon DSLR. (i'm trying to say that her photo-shooting was not good before... :P)

We were going to stay overnight. So taking our babies along was essential.

It was the first time we met this piggy--erm, tiger? (as Ah Neh insisted). Anyway my rabbit dog is the softest!!! So fluffy~*proud* He has my fragrance~*deep sniff*
By the way, we realized that this pigger has a long, hard tail. Multi-purpose roflmao~ (fine fine, I'm corrupted! XP)

Without a proper plan of where to stay and where to visit plus no help from map nor GPS, we paid extra alert to the signboards along the roadside.
Tiara resort was our first stop. We nearly passed by Tiara, then laopa did an emergency U-turn--we screamed--why? His skill was damn geng i tell you, Initial D standard!!!

I can't remember the exact price of Tiara's. We decided to look for another.
And then I spotted a signboard of THISTLE resort. My suggestion of having a look was accepted. We drove in. The resort's location is quite isolated, we traveled quite a distance before we reached and then--WOOOOOOOOOOOW

We started talking about how good to be rich and all. Every single corner amazed us...

Guess, where was this cactus found?
Answer: In the female bathroom beside the reception

Scenes at the lobby

Outward scene

The doorway to ballroom was open. We went in.
Somewhat looks like we're entering a haunted museum. Haha

Exterior decoration

The typical 'peace' pose again. lol

I think you know whether we checked in. Where's our next stop? Follow my next post--Port Dickson Trip Part 2: Below 21 ;)

Crazenne the... explorer? :P

More pictures of Thistle Resort (from Google Images):


  1. hey crxn ya r lookin fuckin sweet ;) *thubs up*

  2. Hey, said my photo-shooting skills was bad huh? How dare you criticized me and my dear tiger!!! And, don't think bad about his 'hard' tail!!! Your rabbit is softer, fluffy-ier, but SMELLy!!! Hahahahahahahaha...

  3. And where's the part 2 and so on???