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Monday, August 30, 2010

Port Dickson 3 ❣ Beach, resort, craziness

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We decided to take a night walk.

So we walked through the very dark and slippery path beside swimming pool (thanks Gina and Laopa for the light), through the open space, to the back gate of Bayu Beach Resort, down the staircase, and stepped onto the beach.

It was soooooo dark we couldn't see anything. The sand was wet; it was just after a rain.

We walked towards the sea. I took off my sandals and walked further until the sea water covered 3 inches below my knees. I dunno why but when the water first came in contact with my skin it was hot. It was after a while when I started to feel the normal coldness.

Suddenly I saw something on the beach.
I shouted and they all came near to see.

It was very tiny, just like a sand particle.
But it was blue. And it was glittering.

Remember that I mentioned it was so dark we couldn't see anything? It was so visible in dark. And only in dark. When we tried to have a clearer look under the light from mobile's screen, we couldn't even see where it was.

I could remember I read something about that before: it was called 'blue tear' in Chinese, a lot of people has seen such similar particles on Malaysia's beaches. Some said they are particles found on a type of shell. But from what I learned in BIO 122 (aha, so learning all those bloody characteristics of different species of microorganisms can be useful at certain times...), I believed it was a kind of bioluminescence sea microorganism flushed up onto the beach.

Right now I am searching about it on internet. I was right!

If not mistaken, it is an ostracod. Wikipedia it and you will read this at the last paragraph: In Malaysia, these ostracods are called "blue sand" and glow blue in the dark at night.

Nowadays it is no more so easy to see these organisms on the beach. A lot of people will purposely look for these 'blue sands' when they go to the beach. From the Chinese online forums I read, these 'blue sands' are usually found on Redang Island and Pangkor Island. How lucky we were to see one on Port Dickson beach when we did not expect it at all. :)

After having enough of sea breeze, we walked back to the resort, washed our legs under the pipes beside the gate. Then our monkey traits couldn't help showing when we passed through here:

I tried but slipped. Not because I'm clumsy okay. It was just after a rain.
When they were trying to get themselves up there, I was away to wash my legs.
Then I came back, Laopa was swinging from one end to another! So effortlessly!!!
Here comes the idiom as agile as a monkey. Really suits. And it confirmed Darwin's theory of evolution. *lol*

While waiting for the rest to take shower, we took family picture for the soft toys♥

Okay this creature looked real weird. I think we know why Pooh needs the red shirt by now :P

Then the idea of staying up for the sunrise emerged!
Guess what we did during the whole night?
BIG TWO! We really made a full use of this set of Poker cards that we purposely drove out to buy hahaha. The proof was how Gina turned from a beginner to an expert *lol*. The loser of each round was to answer a 'truth' (no 'dare' since there's nothing much to dare among ourselves). Muahahaha this made us so damn bersemangat to win!
And the ultimate rule we set was, what revealed in the room stays in the room. Hehehehe.

When we went down to the beach again for the sunrise, Laopa had been sleeping for like, 4 hours? Exception for him because he would be the driver. We seriously did not want to risk our lives hahaha.

The sand was still wet. It felt so comfortable to have my feet in it.

Can you see the lady at the right? Too small?


Time ticked by.
Near 7am.
The sky was getting brighter.
The sun rose from the opposite side!!!
(and I only realized that the reason why we couldn't see sunrise---after Grandma mentioned it on Facebook---because Port Dickson is at west coast!!! Omg how could we never think of it?!!)

Bye bye beach. We went back to catch a 2-hour sleep.
Woken up by Laopa at 9.30am to go down for the breakfast provided. Only for 4 people though.

The place was nice.

The sight was nice too...

But the food....... SUCKS, BIG, TIME!!!!!!

Never in my life have I ever expected to have such food in a resort.
The rice so cold, the pudding so yuckish,
the pau so hard if you throw it at a dog the dog will die. Even the watermelon (that needs no cooking skills to be prepared!!!) was tasteless.

We went back to pack our luggage and did some last photo-shootings at the balcony.

Meet GINA with her new hairstyle!!!!!!

She was very into Lolita's style at that time.
I wonder how she made the ribbon stood up high. *thumbs up!*

The room became so messy after a night of craziness. It might not seem crazy to you but we know the best ;)

*sniff* "Pigger did you hide mentos candies in your tail?"

Part 4: Ostrich Show Farm!

xoxoxoxo (more huggies and kisses here, so that they don't kill me)
Crazenne the best friend ever (trust me, I really am)

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