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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nails art... PS-ed one


Not having my nails painted like the 1st picture above mainly because:
1. No enough time (either to DIY or go to professional)
2. No enough care--I believe I'll drop those little cute things glued on my nails, scratch the design or more intense, break the nails
3. No enough discipline--confirmed, self-obsession will draw my attention from studies or conversations to the nails
4. No enough guts--I think the earlier-years education from my family sorta mentally restrain me on how a student is supposed to look, even though I'm already in college. Another reason for not coloring my hair. Yeah my dressing style does differ from most students, I like dress and legging and feminine wear rather than T-shirt and jeans, but if you realize I usually go for plain and simple style. So my nails better suits my clothes :P

So I'm sticking to this nude color, for now!

TheFaceShop, the brand I'm using currently. A gift from Anna ♥

Actually those reasons above were crapped to make this post longer lol! I do love to have my nails painted with cool design, just not yet strongly driven to get it done~

Going back to college this afternoon. 4th sem here I come!

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