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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fairness is--DON'T COMPARE?!

Wrong guess! I'm not going to complain his style of teaching.
(excuse me, he doesn't even teach)

No not the way he responds to our questions too.
("Everything folow the lule! Follow textbook! Textbook is the lule! No why, like that lah! It's the lule!")

I am writing just to tell you what injustice happened to me today.

First I have to show you this.

Recognize the difference? Minus 0.5 mark for Report B alone, when both reports did not state 'Heat with water bath'.

So Student A, which is LAO NIANG, approached the lecturer with both reports.
The lecturer flipped both reports, mumbled a few words, flipped the textbook.
Finally he said,
"Aiya don't compare lah...... Don't compare mah......"
then he walked off. Like nothing happened.


Simply deduct my mark like that very shiok hor. You wait. *shakes fist*

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