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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Campus scenes

I'm taking World Religion for this semester. The lectures are great. I love the way the lecturer leads us to trace humanity and faith. I like his logic on philosophical issues which are embedded with scientific arguments. I love deep thinking and this course satisfies my thirst.

However, the lecturer is a part-timer in our university--which is a valid reason why he is often late to class. This day he was late for 15 minutes. In INTI-IU, the light and air-conditioner in classroom can only be turned on by specific key which is given to lecturer. So we were sitting in dark, sweating. Impatience arose. Not knowing how to kill time (it was 8 in the morning and people were too sleepy to talk), I walked out the classroom and caught some snaps.

This palm tree was the 1st scene that came into sight once I walked out the classroom.

Another academic block

A few steps further, the laboratory block

the lovely morning sunlight

I would write about the lectures in future post. Right now I'm actually blogging to correct my mood. Not feeling so right.

And after the class......

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