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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Body, do me good

It has been 1 week my body system went wrong. Really wrong. Not like the previously messed-up biological clock which made me entirely a night owl (sleeping time: 5am-1pm), not the digestive system which works overly well (or bad) and makes me hungry almost all the time.

It really went wrong.

I have morning class at 8 for this semester, hence I started practicing healthy sleeping style. It did work perfectly for 3 days. And then PMS attacked.

Followed by DMS. D stands for during.

And PMS again. This time the P stands for post.

Perhaps I point my finger at the wrong thing, but I was seriously drained. Drained. Sleeping went on and off and on and off, insomnia visited at weird time, half-way sleeping an electric shock stroke up my body and I started scratching my head like crazy until I showered my head under hot water, felt hungry in the middle of my sleep but had no desire to eat, woke up after 3-hour nap still feeling bloody tired.

This is crazy.

Unless my body was refraining me from quitting vampire lifestyle, I couldn't explain me. Ridiculous if it was due to stress, some self-blaming did linger in my mind but wtf, it's only the beginning of the semester and you tell me I was already stressed up to this point? What's next then, dropping hair? *dreaded*

But it finally ended when my body blessed me with a good 8-hour sleep last night. I'm not going to surrender. I want to lead a healthier (just healthier, not healthy yet) lifestyle.

Oh, time for rabbit-therapy again. Goodnight.

Crazenne, grabbing Rabbit

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