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Sunday, August 1, 2010

From my room to my room

Semester break has ended......

I'm going to leave my room from that door......

bye bye lovely blanket...
(Crxn's theory: we don't have to fold the blanket because we're going to unfold it at night.)

this familiar scene......

where I usually stare while lying on the bed......

switch off the light and fan.....

Bye bye home, I'm going back to campus for my 4th semester.

(after 3 hours)

Switch on the light and fan...

Close the door...

Have the tables tidied up...

Put my accessories back into the boxes...

Have my bed tidied up...

Tomorrow, I shall wake up early for my 1st class at 8am and walk out to see the sunlight coming in through the windows.

It's 11.07 pm now, get the goodnight waving from Rabbit!
Off to bed!

Crazenne in pyjamas


  1. Sleep so early? lol. And 3 blog posts in one day fuyoh

  2. did ur mom help u to clean up ur inti room? it shouldnt look so tidy lo~ lolxxxxxx

  3. Ruri: Haha I was awake on bed until 12 plus!

    Lala: Yep both my parents. Kekeke