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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goddamn I wanna smash that alarm.

It was very frequent that I would hear alarm screaming from the opposite room for at least half an hour at my floor. Morning afternoon and night.

This already started since last year.

I had been ignoring it for so long 'cuz I was usually leaving my room the moment it started making noise. But there were several times I was staying in the room, I wanted to knock on the door but the residents were not in the room. Which was why the alarm could scream for so long.

Today it happened again. Twice. First time in the afternoon when I was going to class. The second time, I was feeling good after my shower and the moment I walked out from bathroom--OMG--it's screaming again!!!

Couldn't bear it anymore. I felt like decorating that door with red paint. Walked out of my room.

And caught this. A not-so-friendly note written with marker pen.

Can you please make sure that your alarm is switched off before you leave the room? This is not the 1st time and it's very annoying. Please be considerate. Thx!

Hmmm. Came back to my room, turned the music on. High volume to not hear the alarm.

I don't usually listen to music (rarely, to be in exact).10 minutes passed, my ears felt tortured . I almost did a follow-up note to acknowledge the owner bout how long her alarm had been screaming and how much it got on my nerves. But I managed to refrain myself from doing so for another 5 minutes, then the alarm died.

Not that I have interpersonal conflict with her. I'm very honest to tell you here that I know exactly nothing about her, not even how she looks. I was just pissed because of the noise.

Oh and, when I'm typing this the note is already gone. I really hope to see changes.

In case you're wondering, yeah it's me who wrote the note.

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