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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53th 'Independence' Day

Happy 53rd National Day to Malaysia!

It took 430 years to chase foreign power out of our country.
How many years will we take
to stop calling each other FOREIGNERS?

This is our Bolehland.
We were born here, so nobody can abolish our rights to call Malaysia
our HOME.

I'm looking forward to the day.
The day when our people become

I'm proud to be a Malaysian.
Malaysia, please be proud of ALL your people.


Please love our country.
Love our people.
Feel the passion of our perajurit and tokoh negara when they fought for independence.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Port Dickson 3 ❣ Beach, resort, craziness

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here

We decided to take a night walk.

So we walked through the very dark and slippery path beside swimming pool (thanks Gina and Laopa for the light), through the open space, to the back gate of Bayu Beach Resort, down the staircase, and stepped onto the beach.

It was soooooo dark we couldn't see anything. The sand was wet; it was just after a rain.

We walked towards the sea. I took off my sandals and walked further until the sea water covered 3 inches below my knees. I dunno why but when the water first came in contact with my skin it was hot. It was after a while when I started to feel the normal coldness.

Suddenly I saw something on the beach.
I shouted and they all came near to see.

It was very tiny, just like a sand particle.
But it was blue. And it was glittering.

Remember that I mentioned it was so dark we couldn't see anything? It was so visible in dark. And only in dark. When we tried to have a clearer look under the light from mobile's screen, we couldn't even see where it was.

I could remember I read something about that before: it was called 'blue tear' in Chinese, a lot of people has seen such similar particles on Malaysia's beaches. Some said they are particles found on a type of shell. But from what I learned in BIO 122 (aha, so learning all those bloody characteristics of different species of microorganisms can be useful at certain times...), I believed it was a kind of bioluminescence sea microorganism flushed up onto the beach.

Right now I am searching about it on internet. I was right!

If not mistaken, it is an ostracod. Wikipedia it and you will read this at the last paragraph: In Malaysia, these ostracods are called "blue sand" and glow blue in the dark at night.

Nowadays it is no more so easy to see these organisms on the beach. A lot of people will purposely look for these 'blue sands' when they go to the beach. From the Chinese online forums I read, these 'blue sands' are usually found on Redang Island and Pangkor Island. How lucky we were to see one on Port Dickson beach when we did not expect it at all. :)

After having enough of sea breeze, we walked back to the resort, washed our legs under the pipes beside the gate. Then our monkey traits couldn't help showing when we passed through here:

I tried but slipped. Not because I'm clumsy okay. It was just after a rain.
When they were trying to get themselves up there, I was away to wash my legs.
Then I came back, Laopa was swinging from one end to another! So effortlessly!!!
Here comes the idiom as agile as a monkey. Really suits. And it confirmed Darwin's theory of evolution. *lol*

While waiting for the rest to take shower, we took family picture for the soft toys♥

Okay this creature looked real weird. I think we know why Pooh needs the red shirt by now :P

Then the idea of staying up for the sunrise emerged!
Guess what we did during the whole night?
BIG TWO! We really made a full use of this set of Poker cards that we purposely drove out to buy hahaha. The proof was how Gina turned from a beginner to an expert *lol*. The loser of each round was to answer a 'truth' (no 'dare' since there's nothing much to dare among ourselves). Muahahaha this made us so damn bersemangat to win!
And the ultimate rule we set was, what revealed in the room stays in the room. Hehehehe.

When we went down to the beach again for the sunrise, Laopa had been sleeping for like, 4 hours? Exception for him because he would be the driver. We seriously did not want to risk our lives hahaha.

The sand was still wet. It felt so comfortable to have my feet in it.

Can you see the lady at the right? Too small?


Time ticked by.
Near 7am.
The sky was getting brighter.
The sun rose from the opposite side!!!
(and I only realized that the reason why we couldn't see sunrise---after Grandma mentioned it on Facebook---because Port Dickson is at west coast!!! Omg how could we never think of it?!!)

Bye bye beach. We went back to catch a 2-hour sleep.
Woken up by Laopa at 9.30am to go down for the breakfast provided. Only for 4 people though.

The place was nice.

The sight was nice too...

But the food....... SUCKS, BIG, TIME!!!!!!

Never in my life have I ever expected to have such food in a resort.
The rice so cold, the pudding so yuckish,
the pau so hard if you throw it at a dog the dog will die. Even the watermelon (that needs no cooking skills to be prepared!!!) was tasteless.

We went back to pack our luggage and did some last photo-shootings at the balcony.

Meet GINA with her new hairstyle!!!!!!

She was very into Lolita's style at that time.
I wonder how she made the ribbon stood up high. *thumbs up!*

The room became so messy after a night of craziness. It might not seem crazy to you but we know the best ;)

*sniff* "Pigger did you hide mentos candies in your tail?"

Part 4: Ostrich Show Farm!

xoxoxoxo (more huggies and kisses here, so that they don't kill me)
Crazenne the best friend ever (trust me, I really am)

Cheesecake-flavored Slurpee

Do you know what Slurpee is?
A Slurpee is a slushie sold by 7-Eleven! (from wikipedia)
Erm........ so what is slushie???

"Frozen carbonated beverages, typified by the Slurpee or ICEE are made by freezing a carbonated drink. These machines are complicated and expensive, and notably require a carbon dioxide supply. They make a very fine and 'dry' slush."

Actually most people should know, if you often visit 7-11. LuoYi said Slurpee is her childhood drink. I only got to know its existence after I came to INTI-UC.


Little did I know Slurpee is produced in a concept of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in Harry Potter.

In case you do not read Harry Potter......

"Ah! Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! I was most unfortunate in my youth to come across a vomit-flavored one. And since then, I'm afraid I've lost my liking for them. But I think I could be safe with a nice toffee... Hum! Alas! Earwax!" —Albus Dumbledore

Hahaha not that gross, but close...


CHEESECAKE IS.........yummmmm
But cheesecake-flavored Slurpee???

I tried once when my friend bought it. The moment it touched my tongue I spit it out immediately, in the middle of a road wtf. But I blamed it on the mocha in my straw and decided to give it a second chance.

So I bought it!

The drink was passed around for my friends who were so curious about its taste after listening to our descriptions.

Comments from them:
1. Gina: "Tastes like cough medicine!"
2. Gina's girlfriend & LaoPa: "Ok la... not really that bad..."
3. Gina's cousin (who bought it before): "Totally not drinkable, unless after your tongue got numb."
4. Mr Horse (when Mrs Horse suggested to buy it): "NOOOOOOOOOOO"
5. Grandma: >w< "taste like antibiotic leh"

My comment?

I can SHOW you.

This was before I took a deep suck.

simisai. damn act chio lololol

No exaggeration. I actually set timer and sucked it when the webcam was about to shoot. Priceless expression eh?

Wah I was so focused when I mixed them. Perhaps it was my sincerity that worked. *LOL*
Attention to the book under my Slurpee. General Chemistry hahahahaha.

So artistic man.

*stir stir*

*raise eyebrow*


Three important lessons I learned today:
1. Milk is a magic drink. Preferably Dutch Lady full cream milk.
2. You learn Chemistry to apply it in your daily life. Knowledge without practice is meaningless.
3. (inspired by LuoYi) Milk + cheesecake = heaven!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fairness is--DON'T COMPARE?!

Wrong guess! I'm not going to complain his style of teaching.
(excuse me, he doesn't even teach)

No not the way he responds to our questions too.
("Everything folow the lule! Follow textbook! Textbook is the lule! No why, like that lah! It's the lule!")

I am writing just to tell you what injustice happened to me today.

First I have to show you this.

Recognize the difference? Minus 0.5 mark for Report B alone, when both reports did not state 'Heat with water bath'.

So Student A, which is LAO NIANG, approached the lecturer with both reports.
The lecturer flipped both reports, mumbled a few words, flipped the textbook.
Finally he said,
"Aiya don't compare lah...... Don't compare mah......"
then he walked off. Like nothing happened.


Simply deduct my mark like that very shiok hor. You wait. *shakes fist*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Port Dickson 2 ❣ Below 21?!

Part 1 is here!!! (I added a few photos)

After 'worshiping' the splendor of Thistle Resort......
Back to the reality. Food!

Since Port Dickson is a town by the seaside, it was not surprising that almost all restaurants (actually not up to the level to be called 'restaurants', whatever la) were selling seafood.

Which was a problem to me. 'Cuz I hardly eat seafood. I only eat fish when they are in the forms of fish o' fillet, fish nuggets, McD and KFC. I have never eaten crab meat which looks like this:

I have only eaten minced crab meat which looks like this:

Forget about prawns (to me prawns give a smell of rotten meat) , octopuses (Paul is lovely I've never eaten any of his species) and squids (do you people eat squids?).

Hence we passed by a lot of restaurants until I said we could actually order non-seafood dishes from any seafood restaurant. Then we stopped in front of one. Its shop sign was a Chinese word meaning FAT.

As we opened the car doors it started raining. We made our movement very fast. Not because of the rain, but because of the waiters/waitress/owners of FAT restaurant who approached, getting ready to serve us the moment we parked the car.

In fact, our destination was the big food stall next to it, JiuLiXiang (meaning: aroma that can spread 9-meter-far).

The decoration made us wondering. It's just the beginning of Ramadhan month and you people were preparing for Chinese New Year already?? (there are at least 4 more months before CNY?)

In the end, we guessed they were just lazy to take those decorations off. Might have been hung there for years.

No comment for the food. (according to Prof. Dr. Lim, no comment = not too good not too bad)

We continued looking for accommodation.
Earlier in the journey we saw a banner "Ramadhan offer: RM111 for 1 room" hanging at Selesa Resort. We went, and unexpectedly, got turned down.

Receptionist: "We follow hostel system, you are not allowed to check in because none of you are above 21."

*thunder* What?! Hotel system?!

Still managed to catch a picture when the guys were trying to make them abolish 'hotel system'.

2nd accommodation-hunt failed. Moved on to the 3rd one. Forgot the name.

All these scenes were taken around its ground floor. No other people other than us.
Where was the reception? lobby??

We saw a phone at the corner beside the elevator. We started talking to it (yeah, to it, not into it), expecting to have a receptionist listening to us from the other side (erm yeah, just listening. I don't think we would like to hear the phone talked back).
And finally quit doing it and went into the elevator as we finally realized we were acting like retards.

Saw many rooms. Many corridors. And many plants.
But no people.
Oh wait. Was there a Malay kid? or two? with us in the elevator, who disappeared later?
Hey chill chill this is not a ghost story la. We did see a human kid (or two, sorry bad memory), but he (or they) could not give us the information we wanted.

When we went back into the car the worries started to strike stronger. What there's none which did not practice 'hotel system'?
We decided to give a call to the ever-grand Thistle Resort. By referring to the brochure taken earlier at its lobby, I made a call to the number shown.

"Thistle Resort bla bla bla bla, what can I help you?" (Malay accent)

"I would like to know about the age limit to check in."


"What is the A-G-E L-I-M-I-T to check in?"

"Huh??? Wait."
(music playing, put on hold)

~10 seconds later~

(hang up)


(At this point, Gina realized the number I dialed was Thistle Resort in Kuala Lumpur.)
(Aiyo! Where is the PD one??")

Second calling.
(Laopa: eh you don't talk so deep la, use simple English, just say we are all 19 and ask whether can check in or not.) *me nodding*

"Hello, Thistle Resort bla bla bla bla what can I help you?" (Malay accent again)

"I would like to book for a room, we will check in tonight."



"Oh... tonight yar...Who?"

"There are 6 of us, but we would like to know first whether we are allowed to check in because all of us are only 19."

"I beg your pardon?"
(I was annoyed already, I was not even talking in any of the Malaysian accent how could you don't understand me!) (oh maybe this is why)

"(the previous line repeated s-l-o-w-l-y.)"

"Er..... Huh??? Erm... hold on."
(music playing)

~15 seconds later~

"Our resort is full. No room available."

"Oh... okay." (hang up)

(Monologue: then why don't you tell me in the beginning? did you understand what I was saying or not?)

To be frank with you, we were already planning to stay in motel at the very worst.
(someone: it would be worse if even the motel is full.)

So we moved on to the 4th stop. Bayu Beach Resort.

Yayyyyyy no age limit!!!

But we made a mistake here. All six of us went to the reception together, the receptionist refused to let us check in to the smallest cheapest room (RM240 per night). So we took the RM300 one. Should let only 3 of us to book the room and then take turns to go up after they gave us the cheapest room.

The female receptionist described that the room 'two-storey', and later I was told by my friend that the bed in our room is two-storey (because I wasn't listening to the receptionist). Our room was at the 6th floor (uppermost).

As we opened the door, we realized that the 'two-storey' was referring to the room, not the bed!

We never knew such 'two-storey room' existed in any hotel.

We decided to take a night walk on the beach.

Up in the Part 3: Beach, resort, craziness! Stay tuned! :P


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Port Dickson 1 ❣ Thistle resort

Remember her? Looks familiar?

MamaNeh is flying off on September, thus she traveled from Penang back to INTI-IU for our last 'family trip' :D

She told us she'd be back for 2 days. We planned to have a Genting Highland trip initially. Then tiba-tiba we're informed that we had to attend JPA meeting from 3-5pm on Friday. *curses*

Due to time constrict, Genting trip was canceled. T_T

No choice but to switch it to Plan B--Port Dickson, the nearest place to go other than shopping centers.

Friday 5.30p.m., we gathered under our block after the meeting. Our laopa (big daddy) rented a car, RM130 for 24 hours.

This blue is handsome right? :) And it's true how much Asians love the 'peace' pose.

Me :D Ah Neh showed improvement in photo-shooting skills after she owned a Nikon DSLR. (i'm trying to say that her photo-shooting was not good before... :P)

We were going to stay overnight. So taking our babies along was essential.

It was the first time we met this piggy--erm, tiger? (as Ah Neh insisted). Anyway my rabbit dog is the softest!!! So fluffy~*proud* He has my fragrance~*deep sniff*
By the way, we realized that this pigger has a long, hard tail. Multi-purpose roflmao~ (fine fine, I'm corrupted! XP)

Without a proper plan of where to stay and where to visit plus no help from map nor GPS, we paid extra alert to the signboards along the roadside.
Tiara resort was our first stop. We nearly passed by Tiara, then laopa did an emergency U-turn--we screamed--why? His skill was damn geng i tell you, Initial D standard!!!

I can't remember the exact price of Tiara's. We decided to look for another.
And then I spotted a signboard of THISTLE resort. My suggestion of having a look was accepted. We drove in. The resort's location is quite isolated, we traveled quite a distance before we reached and then--WOOOOOOOOOOOW

We started talking about how good to be rich and all. Every single corner amazed us...

Guess, where was this cactus found?
Answer: In the female bathroom beside the reception

Scenes at the lobby

Outward scene

The doorway to ballroom was open. We went in.
Somewhat looks like we're entering a haunted museum. Haha

Exterior decoration

The typical 'peace' pose again. lol

I think you know whether we checked in. Where's our next stop? Follow my next post--Port Dickson Trip Part 2: Below 21 ;)

Crazenne the... explorer? :P

More pictures of Thistle Resort (from Google Images):