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Monday, July 19, 2010

Public Speaking Class

“…because we already went naked in front of each other.” said Cristal, when we wondered why our COM110 class became so united.

HAHA so true!

COM110 is a Public Speaking class which allocates 40% of the total mark on paper-based final examination while 60% on presentations.

Among the 60%,
15% on micro-presentations (from 1½ minutes to 5 minutes)
10% on oral test (2-5 minutes, prepare answers from textbook beforehand)
17.5% on 1 informative speech (5-8 minutes)
17.5% on 1 persuasive speech (8-10 minutes)

We were graded on our eye contact, gestures, vocal variety (pitch, rate, volume), articulation, content and time-control. Not easy I tell you, because we’re encouraged not to memorize word by word, but to know our points and present it. Present, not perform. Thought I could easily score high marks ‘cuz I went on stage so frequently since primary school, from story-telling to speech-giving to poem-reciting to debate and now Model United Nation, I thought it was easy because I can speak spontaneously.

But I was wrong. I could not take care of each aspect graded (as stated above) when I was focusing on delivering the content. Partly because I didn’t really spend time to do preparation as well la. Anyway I was happy there is no quizzes no assignments (except the 2 outlines for informative and persuasive speech, but you don’t really call it assignments) no tests!

Apart from having my final examination screwed up (arghhh blame it to the fog again!!! Read my previous post), taking this class was a fun one :D couldn’t help recalling all those topics I’ve done:

1. In-pair presentation, introduce each other

My partner was Lin Sandar Aye, a Myanmarese (or –rean?), we call her Linda. Something special, Myanmar people do not have surname. Kinda hard to imagine.

Once again the quote ‘never ever judge a book by its cover’ applied when I got to know that she was a volunteer teacher for HIV-infected children and a volunteer helper during a typhoon in her country. This golden-hearted girl is a future obstetrician (specialized doctor for laboring), flying to get her degree in USA soon. Best of luck!

In final presentation she quoted, “The whiter your bread, the faster you’re dead.” Topic? ‘Brown bread is better than white bread’. lol

2. Something or someone who impacted your life greatly

This is Joel Osteen, the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Texas. According to Wikipedia (hahaha this is what I learn from COM110, we must give credit to the source), Joel Osteen's popularity led to him being featured as one of ABC News "10 Most Fascinating People of 2006", and was named "Most Influential Christian in America" in 2006 by The Church Report.

3. One thing you would like to change about this world

Ignorance. Inspired by Soong Kit's blog post

4. Talk show.

The topic we chose was ‘Permanent mask—Cosmetic surgery’.
Me — the host
Adeline Boey — model
Le Lee — surgeon
We actually dressed up for this talk show. Lee Le put on my lab coat; Adeline, our Miss INTI May 2009 put make-up and dressed like a model. Too bad we didn’t take picture T_T

Le Lee. Active activity organizer in INTI

Adeline Boey, Miss INTI May 2009

5. Debate.

The topic we got was ‘This house believes that marriage is an outdated institution’.
Me, Adeline and Le Lee in 1 team again.
No win or lose 'cuz it was a treated as a speech-giving, but we did a pretty good job.
Proof? Comment from classmates: 'You guys look professional, as if you wanna kill the other side. Very convincing'.

6. Informative speech: Vampire’s Traits based on Human Beliefs

I made my own video, putting in scenes of Twilight and Dracula to show the contrast. Very funny actually, you can just youtube the trailer of Dracula and see the differences. Haha.
Yeah I know these shiny shoes don't look formal, but these are my only flats and I refused to let my feet suffer when I was already having butterflies in my stomach.

7. Persuasive speech

Final presentation, this was a very stressful one. I even spent the whole day to memorize my script word-by-word. When the day came, the atmosphere itself could kill. I started trembling since the moment I went into the classroom.

From left to right: Me, Darren, Cristal, Winnie, YiWey, Chloe, Linda, Serene

But after all, we did our best overcoming the top fear voted--speaking in public! As seen in the picture it was already this late when we finished. 7 something at night.

So after merdeka we all went for dinner and lepak between the hostel blocks for 3 hours plus haha.

This was behind Block Beethoven. The security guard came chase us away, saying that we made too much noise. So after some swearing we 'proceed' to the space between Block Confucius and Block Darwin:
Look at the thing they sat on. We're basically feeding the mosquitoes there, torturing buttcheeks and feet (for them who wore heels). Damn semangat right?

Ahhh how can I forget to mention this guy. Cai Chen from China, his humor was superb. Darren even opened a Facebook group 'The Unofficial Onion Fan Club' for him.

His famous quotes:
1. "May God bless you, my friend."
--after he introduced his partner, Gan Yuan from China by describing how attached he is to his girlfriend. This was his ending line.

2. "No, I want to stand."
--when he was day-dreaming and lecturer threw a question to him, he stood up and Miss Freeman said to him 'you can just sit'. This was his reply.

3. "Dogs are better than cats. Dogs shit one place, cats shit everywhere."
--when we asked for alternatives of his speech topics.

4. Not a quote, but he acted as Edison Chan in talk show. Very... contrasting.

We roflmaoed.

"May God bless you, my friends," esp those who are flying off to USA in short time. Am so gonna miss you all. Have great time there. :)

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