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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Since I was 9½

I saw this almost everyday since I moved here:

I mean the shop, not my mum walking towards it hahaha. This is the entrance of my house. We stay upstairs.

Kedai Ubat Tian Yan. This medicine shop is now operated by my aunt, sometimes my mum.

The wooden drape is to block sunlight, in order to protect the traditional and modern medicine from heat. The plants under it, hmm, I hope they are still alive the next time I come back for holidays... Like I mentioned in next post, my mum and her sister do not inherit my grandma's green fingers. So sad to recall how many plants they have killed:

Oh the 2 lovely cactus plants, blame it on my brother. I think he tried to drown them or maybe he just talked too much to them until they distort themselves.

These are to replace those they killed:
This is one among the 1st generation of plants which survives up till today. I respect you, cactus.

The interior part of the shop:

Quite a lot of people said it looks more like a grocery shop. Hahaha

And the 'Corner of Glory' in the shop:

No we're not selling prizes :P they are my brother and my conquests *proud*

Also, my father's small furniture workplace, located a few rows of buildings away:

Daddy is a carpenter/interior upholsterer. What he does is to go to his customers' houses to do some measurements, goes back and draw several designs of furniture sets, produce the sets chosen and place them in his customers' houses. I am familiar with the smell of wooden pieces, shellac and varnish.

His hobby is to catch and rear birds. Proof:

This is when I was 8. Ugly duckling, I know.

Now I'm 19......
Not the same bird. Now he has 5 of such bird at his workplace. Sorry I dunno what is their name in English, and I'm too lazy to google it. He said he sold one at RM300 last time. The selling point of such birds, they can bow while chirping and open their tails like a peacock. The one in picture has no tail for now because my dad plucked the feathers off, so that it grows a longer tail -__-

Okay now the interior part of my home! :D

Entrance from staircase

TV set

2 of the book shelves

Sofa in the living hall. The main focus is ME not the sofa :P


Staircase to the rooftop. Why needed? Because an owl always stands on our antenna, causing the signals to be unstable when it comes to interesting parts of TV shows. So my dad has to go up there and chase it away.

Yeah, this is the idiotic owl. Difficult to catch its picture, it moves very fast. Description from dad, it is about 1 meter wide when it opens its wings, and it's white like Hedwig.

It has been many years I don't go up the roof since the staircase gets very dirty. Covered in dirt and spider webs. I bloody hate spider like Ronald Weasley, esp those species with long, thin legs. Damn freaky when they grow very big. My hatred is no less for those meaty hairy spiders. There was once a big one climb onto the wall, my dad used a rubber band to hit it, who knows it was a pregnant one and BOOM---thousands of small spiders came out from her broken tummy, extremely gruesome scene, they spread out like a black dot growing into a black wall. My dad killed them with mosquito killer, they stuck on the wall, I dunno how daddy cleaned it because I already ran downstairs.

Eh I dragged away from the topic? I think it somehow means I dunno how to end this post hahaha. So yeah, this is it and I love my home ♥

Crazenne the good girl

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