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Friday, June 18, 2010

tHis love, a BEAUtiful STORY

See what I've got!!!

Beau Bristow and David Story's signatures on their albums!

So it started with the very well-done publicity in INTI International University by INTI Christian Fellowship Club. The news about American singers coming to INTI was really exciting; it was spreading like wildfire!
Put apart that I actually think most people here did not know them before this. Haha.

Like I mentioned, I'm taking MUS105 so we're asked to attend the concert and write a report on that. 10 marks.

I was given this card to invite my friends:
FREE admission! The word itself was enough appealing right? ;)

...then the day came.
The countdown board: 0 day to go
The entrance. Last attempt to get people go inside and watch.
The 2nd from left was the Organizing Chairperson, Daniel.

Saw 3 of my JPA friends:
So I registered...

... and went in.

It's free admission I dunno why they still did this to me.
Btw, I just realized my camera could be so clear (when it didn't have to be)...
Yep it's my
hairy hand...

Caught Li Ann to take picture with me. She's gonna perform for the opening.
The T-shirt looks nice right? Like it ♥
But I seriously don't need anymore T-shirt... *self-control

ICF selling the mentioned T-shirts (RM20 each) and albums.
It's a very evil side of the hall (tempting me to spend money).
Oh Satan! hahahaha

It got started!
The 1st on the left was my friend Li Ann.
and my classmate, Seth Borges

Then they showed us a very nice video clip about God's love.
Very touching and faith-filling.

Finally David Story showed up and started performing! Followed by Beau Bristow :)
It would be very enjoyable if we MUS105 students did not have to be busy taking notes for the sake of report when they performed -__- Paying so much attention to catch the song titles when they briefly introduced each song is no fun...

Them performing:

After all, the songs were well-written and their singing was flawless.
Love the lyrics. They reached out to my soul.
Okay enough. Leave the detailed descriptions for report *arghhhhhh

Haha what else to do after a concert do you think?
When two singers were ready to interact with the audience?
Of course la buy their albums and get signature and take pictures! Hahaha
RM20 for 1 album, RM35 for 2! (I'm not advertising okay just wanna tell you how appealing the price was)

Like a typical small fan
waiting for Beau to finish signing his name...

... and take picture with me.
nice smiles. Yep I mean both of us lol
and also with David.

The theme of the concert was something I like very much:
have you figured out why some were in capital letters?

I was wondering, God is always so amazing. Everything was just so nicely arranged. Singers who are willing to come and do work for God, capable ICF committee members for this event and the talents in everyone who performed... It was really a good night.

Yeah His love is the biggest, holiest, most sacrificial love for us.
God is awesome :)

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