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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family shopping trip!

Over the years, my family has only 1 destination for holidays which we visit at least 6 times every year---Jusco in Malacca---just to shop!

I came back home on last Saturday for a week because of the dunno-what-for-holidays of AUP.
My return was a good reason for a shopping trip :D
So we went to the new Jusco where explosion happened last year (which is very much bigger than the old Jusco we used to go). Haha finally broke our 'tradition' to have a change in shopping venue...

Lunch time at KFC after an energy-consuming journey
(I was chatting to family and trying very hard to resist carsickness)

Must-buy 1: Clothes
Spotted a very sweet pink dress so in love with it but mommy disallowed me to buy :'(

Couldn't stop me from taking pictures in it though.
See? It suits me so well T___T

Must-buy 1 failed. Ordinary clothes did not seem to captivate me when my wardrobes are already bursting.
The one on left is my wardrobe at home.
The one on right is at hostel.

Actually not considered bursting if compared with people who have bigger wardrobe. Okay Imma try harder hahaha.

Must-buy 2: Shoes
I was looking for a pair of flat covered shoes because I always wear nylons under my casual dresses.
This pair is now shedding its skin.

Mad chio!!! Mine now!!!

Must-buy 3: Accessories
How could I resist when it's only RM10 for 3 pairs?

Must-buy 4: Novels
We are bookworms. The love for reading is in our blood.
My brother, Donut

Zita Law is my goddess

I pulled my mom to camwhore with me in the washroom LOL

Okay now. Why wasn't my father in the picture?
Because he wasn't allowed in a female washroom. *a crow flies across...*

No la. He disappeared and went nuts because of a pair of white leather shoes.

The story is like this:
A pair of shoes on display captivated my dad. Unfortunately there was no more stock left here. The worker made a phone call and told him there was a pair of his size at the old Jusco. He left us and drove there passionately to hunt for the shoes. Then the workers there said they made a mistake, that pair of shoes had already been sold out. He drove back to new Jusco in disappointment. While he was still on the way back the workers phoned my mom and said they found another pair of my dad's size. So my father drove back to buy them. Finally he got that pair of magical shoes which made him spent so much time and petrol for.

He came back to new Jusco to fetch us back home.

Epilogue: This was what I drank when I was reading the novels at home.

Coffee made out of coffee powder and yogurt drink. Don't try it at home, you'll regret it.

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