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Friday, June 4, 2010


Okay I didn't do well in my conducting test :(
It was an unlucky draw. Fate picked the one I have problems with. USA anthem.
And I went totally off the beat---even after Madam Lee gave me a second chance......

Anyway. I enjoyed my current semester a lot ♥ MUS105 is fun!
Nice lecturer, very entertaining classmates and enjoyable lectures.
Ahh I should try to secretly catch some pictures when she is teaching with dramatic postures and funny expressions!!

Guess what? I have my favorite singer Avril Lavigne in my textbook!!!

I always wanted to learn music! When I was 3... or 4? My parents took me along to a shopping mall and there was a piano sale during that time. A woman was playing piano on a small stage during some sort of promotion event, they were trying to get students learning piano at their center, hence they let kids went up stage and watched her playing. She put me on her laps (so small and cute hehehe) when she played Disney cartoon's theme song (was it The Lion Sleeps Tonight?)

I could vividly remembered how her fingers danced on the white and black rectangles......

Then I cried the whole night when my mom refused to let me learn piano. So sad.
Even until now she still thinks it's money-consuming and a waste of time -_-

Whatever. At least I can sing! Not the type to win competitions but I can sing :)
But I could no more play a musical instrument since I was 10. In the middle of a stupid dream (I could hardly remember what it was about), I punched the wall beside my bed very hard with my left fist. The pain was bloody intense it woke me up, and to my horror my middle finger was crooked and I couldn't bend it. Woke my father up, he fixed my finger with some painful pulling and twisting, I had my fingers bandaged for 1 month cuz I further crooked it again at school when my classmate put his leg in my way and caused me to fall down. I can bend my finger like normal now but

We went to Latin-American Fiesta concert for a MUS105 report!

Boring. I saw people yawning, dozing off and my friend Vivek started drawing people in pictures some very exotic mustaches. Okay maybe I'm just not the type who go for classical music.

Anyway the place itself is grand enough.

When I was waiting for the performance in the ever grand MPO with a hmm-i'm-classy sitting posture, I took out my camera and then a lady came to me, "No photo-shooting allowed."

Okay fine...

5 minutes later, I took out my bottle and came another lady: "No drinking, miss. You can drink outside, at the corridor."

Psst. #notatasatall

So do you know how graaaaaaaaaand the interior design of MPO is?!

My very sneaky friend LuoYi managed to snap some secretly!

I would rather buy that RM10 ticket for photo-shooting rather than to watch the performance.

I'm currently preparing for my music presentation. Our class enlightenor Alvin Moses presented about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta...........??? Commonly known as Lady Gaga :)

So for my presentation, I decided that this is how I'm going to look like!

No la act only. 

The topic I chose is ear worms. Will write about it after I present in class (:

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  1. Luckily I didn't end up going...haha...