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Friday, June 25, 2010

My high school, Seg Hwa

Due to the high school old picture which I put in my previous post, I went through all these photos taken in my last high school year. Brought myself to one conclusion, time really shoots like a rocket! *trying to be creative

And hence comes the urge to write about my 17th :)

Seg Hwa Secondary School in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) is called Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Seg Hwa. It is a national type chinese school, uses PMR and SPM syllabus (government), facilities and teachers provided by government, but 98% of the students are Chinese. Except during lectures, students speak in their mother language. Besides, it is compulsory for Chinese students to sit for Chinese Language in PMR and SPM.

Our school has always had the greatest number of straight As students in our town Segamat, mostly due to the good teachers (several won Excellent Teacher Award), study culture (it's not rare to see students reading textbooks or referrence books everywhere, and most of them attend tuition classes) and the great competition in academics. Seg Hwa conquered most academics-based inter-school competitions too, hence is called the top school in Segamat.

Okay enough facts about Seg Hwa!This was my ideal seat in 5A classroom to doze off/chit-chat/do other homework. Basically, MinYi and I were the very first culprits, but soon our propaganda successfully implanted our ideology into QianYi and YinYin who got the lucky seats in front of us.

I know my eye bags and dark circles were very teruk la. It was the last school day before SPM you know!

Our similar hobby is ponteng kelas (playing truant). And this corridor leading to washrooms was 1 of our favorite lepak spot...
...which provided us that tiang to pose.

Asian peace sign. QianYi was a librarian.

Wondering whether the tree behind us still blooms yellow flowers? Each year there would be several months that the flowers fell off, making the path covered in yellow petal. One of the most romantic scene in Seg Hwa.

Our class representative whom we are proud of, YuhKang. Or better known as Birdnest. Now he calls himself Kage Ong. From birdnest to cage is rather impressive, you gotta admit. He has a special sense of humor and can never talk like normal people. Yo-yo-whassup freak (but a failed one lol).

He is entering UTM soon. Good luck dude.

WeiMeng, who used to be our Biology lab partner. He was a prefect.
Now he is in Russia studying mecidine, happily spending JPA money like I do hahaha.
He has got himself a
Russianified name--Ericepuk Ng!

Something I realized, the clouds in the sky above Seg Hwa were always so fairy-tale-like/candy-like. Perhaps because our school is situated on a hill?
But you know what, after graduation, I am very reluctant to visit Seg Hwa anymore.
Even when I
had to go back to collect my SPM certificates.

You'll know why if you continue to read my blog. Soon, very soon.


  1. nvr forget, u also JPA student le...somemore gonna studying in USA...haha..
    but seriously like ur post..and i laughed...

  2. You should check out my previous blog posts as well! ;)
    Yep but you spend more JPA money, 6 years in Russia wey... too bad they stop overseas scholarship already. Haiz. I hope they resume it when it comes to my brother's turn... Haha

  3. Wow weimeng awesome...all the best to the both of you


  4. i receive ur bless, thank. btw, i can talk like normal ppl when i talk to normal ppl, since u are not normal ppl, i talk to u like not like normal ppl... get it?