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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Menstruation Talk

(originally written by Mathilda Tao Jing Ying, translated by Crazenne Tey)

Most men cannot understand why women go hysterical before, during and after menstruation. Some men even insist that if women ask for gender equality, they should not use menstruation as an excuse to act weak and get sympathy. Well, women can actually go through menstruation peacefully—only if men are able to bear the pain of balls getting kicked for days.

Is it really that painful? It depends.

Menstrual pain can be up to the level that causes women to faint, so what do you think? Swelling of lower abdomen part, icy cold body under Celsius 32 degree, even difficulty to walk and move around—now imagine how uncomfortable it is. There is no need to elaborate much on the physical pain we bear because it is almost impossible for men to understand. Let us just talk about how menstruation gives us anxiety and mood swings.

Men, try to have couple sheets of wet toilet papers in your underwear for 5 to 7 days—oh and, please replace the toilet paper every 1-3 hours (depends on flow rate) so that no leakage happens!

Even a mature woman who has been dealing with menstruation for more than ten years could not assume how to get prepared for the first drop of menstrual blood accurately. Sometimes, a woman may start using sanitary pad as a precautionary step when it is around the date; who knows nothing happens even after 4, 5 days! At the moment she gives up and stops using pad, it comes; well, she can only pray that she is not wearing white pants or being outdoors.

I guess most boys have the experience of nocturnal emission (ejaculation in dreams), so is it easy to wash your bed sheet? Please think about it: you are washing away something transparent but we are washing away blood stain. Easy?

Menstruation is not like pipe water, we cannot decide when to open and close on our own!

Another thing that men would not understand is how frustrating it can be when menstruation is about to end but not yet ends. During the last two days of menstruation, the flow rate decreases intensely; sometimes it’s only one drop after a long day. We thought it is already safe hence we remove sanitary pad, but flow rate increases again during sleep time—ahhh it is time to wash our underwear, pants, bed sheet and mattress again!

So men, are you starting to understand PMS and women’s sufferings?

Do not feel disgusted when you see menstrual blood! Don’t forget the organ where the blood comes from is somewhere we all stayed in before getting born.

Next time, help your girlfriends or wives up to wash the bed sheet and clothes!

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