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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

19th-birthday gift--BANANA

So how can I not believe in Karma when it applies to me in such a way? '__'

I once bought a banana as birthday gift for my sister Anna who has the nickname banana.

She fainted on the sofa in Bakery when I showed her the present. Sheela pointed out that the banana has a pink tip.

I was very happy.

Now I know how she felt when SooNee and KerMing turned up at my door and showed me a banana exactly like the one I bought Anna--but a huge one!


I AM NOT A BANANA I can speak and write in my mother tongue language very well.

They made me upload pictures to show appreciation. Here goes.

Look alike?

A kiss from me turns a banana blue

Pink tip!

Blame it on my crazy friends.

Channel V--The Little Banana Girl

My little dog Rabbit loves his new friend.
When an animal and a fruit met...


*sniff sniff

*bite bite

Rabbit: Weee me found a new pillow ❤

Banana: "I'm not your toy!!!!!!"
Rabbit: @#$%^&

Row row row the boat~ ♫

~Friendship Forever~

Thank you Gina's gang:
KerMing, SooNee & CheeHui, CheeLing, SinNee & WeeBoon, PinChen,
Michael, Kah Wai, Yvonne & YK

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaahaha....Misss BANANA!!!
    Upload at here also ar. GOOD ONE. *blink*